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Thread: The Roo Redo

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    Glad you haven't registered her yet. What happens if you don't register her within the 2/3 week limit? I can't remember what the English deadline is, it's 3 weeks in Scotland.
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    Melusine Chloe Ostara is very pretty I like Venus Tabitha Wren as well.

    I hear you on Peridot being a middle only. I like it with Melusine. Melusine Peridot Wren maybe.

    It's too early for the brain to work. I think I like your combos better.
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    Vics; thanks again, yes I like Chloe a lot too. So sweet and young and pretty. The Pandora's box thing doesn't really bother me.

    Malk; in England (and Wales I assume) you have to register within six weeks. So we're getting fined... it's not a lot of money though (we're only a little late).

    Dindle; still too early for me and it's nearly noon! Venus Tabitha Wren is lovely, it's something I feel she could carry very well.
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    Pomeline and Melusine are my favourites from your list, and I also love the suggestions Rohana and Runa. Some of the other names seem a bit much.

    Edit: seeing your reply, I like Melusine Chloe Ostara.
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    From your shorter listy I really like Pandora Willow Selene and Pandora Iris Laurel!

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