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Thread: The Roo Redo

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    Venus Laurel Sybilla is a clear winner for me. I think Amethyst Willow Pomeline would also fit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by september View Post
    That's the thing about people...we are not static spirits. We are constantly growing, changing, and evolving. What if your sweet and fresh, blue ocean infant grows up to be a spunky and energetic, red fire 5-year-old and later a passionately curious, endless sky of sparkling stars adult. Obviously, it's your baby, and you should do what makes you happy, but I'm afraid it may be impossible to have the feeling you get from a name perfectly match the feeling you get from her spirit at all times. Maybe instead of thinking of it as her name not matching who she is, think of it as her spirit adding new meaning and depth to her name. Let her define her name rather than letting the name define her.

    Just my two cents. I'm sure that with your good taste, she will have a strikingly beautiful name no matter what you decide. Good luck!
    I completely agree with this.
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    I have to agree with September and sarahmezz, their personalities as babies may not be what they are when they're todders, teens and adults. My fiery little baby boy is now very calm and serious and his calm, sleepy baby brother is now a charming fire-cracker. They have the wrong names, but somehow their names totally suit them.

    You realise that your original name will always be on the birth certificate, they only cross off the first name and write the new name on the bottom? That really bothered someone I know who changed their baby's name, they ended up changing it again by deed poll. It's a bit of a paperwork mess now.

    But if you're not happy with the name, change it.

    I like Melusine Tabitha Wren of your original list. and Rohana and Runa from other's lists.
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    Ooh, replies! Wonderful. Yes, we're going to continue to call her Roo no matter what. It's her cosy little petname, and it's also the name of one of my favourtie A.A. Milne characters.

    Dina; Rozhanitsa is pronounced roh-jhuh-NEET-sah. I think it's very pretty! Peridot is very nice, but I want it as a middle not a first. I'm so happy to see you liking Melusine and Venus!

    C&P; Yay, another one who likes V & Melusine. I love Fawn of your suggestions, and Apolline but boyfriend does not (he says it sounds like a madam, in a brothel you know. He's weird).

    Angel; thank you! Yeah, Melusine is one of my favourites. Oh and I love all your suggestions, especially Melusine Morgana Willow and Melusine Willow Yvaine. Melusine Atalanta Willow is absolutely gorgeous, but I kind of want to save Atalanta for a future daughter...

    Pink; thank you, as I said, I think it's beautiful too. Just not right... Rosalba is beautiful, but too frilly for her.

    Scarlett; the Pandora combo is lovely, thank you. Venus Williams, not a strong association in my head.

    Phloxie; Roswitha is very pretty. The little sun inside the house, that is the cutest thing ever!!

    Milena; yeah, we had many more but narrowed them down to these. Venus is very spring like to me, but I guess that's what's interesting about associations... The origins of Pomeline are a bit unclear, but I choose to believe it's a Frenchiefied version of Pomona, the Roman Goddess of fruit. Which might make it more suitable for a autumn baby.

    Emms; Rue rue rue, rue the day. Cute, but not for me. Pomeline Tabitha Wren is beautiful! Roxane is lovely too, but doesn't really fit... I actually like Gwyneth's daughter's name. Apple, so sweet and fresh! But thanks for the compliment... I think?

    Mge; Pomeline Venus Wren is adorable!

    Blade; Rohini is very cute. However, it sounds kind of like something a Brazilian football player calls himself! The others are lovely too, but don't really fit. Your opinion is of course always appreciated, but I disagree with some of the things you say. But that's ok! Yes, I looked back, I still like Clemency very much but only for a middle.

    Niftylavalamp; Pomeline is indeed sweet! And Mazarine is beautiful. It was on my list at some point, but I took it off. I'm not to fond of the the third syllable in that name. Perenelle is lovely.

    Angel again; Rohana and Roxana are beautiful. But they're both very mysterious and dark, draped in velvet and dripping with honey and gold. Kind of the opposite of Roo... But lovely names, Roxana is on my list for future Baba.

    September; I disagree. The most essential things in our spirits, personality and psyche stay the same, and that's my point here. Of course she will change, but the most primal nature in her won't. And these are my feelings and opinions, I'm not saying you need to agree, but please respect that this is how I feel about these things.

    Tristan; I know some of them are out there, that's why we'll choose normal-ish middles. Like Venus; we paired it with normal names like Willow, Laurel and Tabitha for that exact reason. And if she wants to go by her middle, that’s fine. Lots of people do, lots of people change their names because the names aren’t special enough. You can’t know. I will love her no matter what. I don’t see what should be so bad about having a name that’s not perfectly conventional anyway.

    Ems again; yes Roxana was my first thought, but as I said to Angel... doesn't fit. Roxana is almost like a jasmine scented boudoir...

    Tintri; thanks! I love Rosmerta.

    Reverie; I agree about Pomeline. It's more autumny, I'll put her away for future Babas. I love your combos, Melusine Arcadia Danae, Melusine Tabitha Noor, Rosmerta Daphne Ondine... delicious.

    Redwood; Thank you! I love love love Pandora! It's the ultimate new, curious and fresh name to me. Circe is actually a contender, I forgot to put her up there. Ceridwen is not... boyfriend said he couldn't get past the rid-sound. So she's off the table. Runa is pretty, but too close to Rune for me.

    Azalea; Melpomene Phoebe Ostara is gorgeous! I really like it very much.

    Alexa; thanks, Pomeline seems to be most people's favourite.

    Livia; thanks, yes, we have considered those factors. As I said, Venus and Pandora would definitely be paired with sweeter more normal names. And you like Venus Laurel Sybilla, yay! Illyria is from Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, but also an ancient region in Macedonia. My boyfriend loves Shakespeare.

    Amy love; yes. Confusion and sleepless nights! Melusine is one of our three favourites, I think it would suit her perfectly. Maris and Marian are both stunning, and they do absolutely have the watery feel. Illyria is very pink, but I'm tucking it away for a future daughter... or a cat if I don't get more girls. Ceridwen, no boyfriend put his foot down on that one. He says all he hears is RID. Stupid. Oh, and I also love Aquamarine. Beautiful. But I kind of prefer Amethyst as it's the birthstone of Pisces.

    Fluz; Great suggestions! I love Aurora in there, Melusine Aurora Willow is breathtaking. Poe, Pi, Lulu and Luz are all adorable nicknames. I'd probably call Melusine Lussi a lot, because it's so cute!

    Greyer; no apologies needed, I'm worse than you! Melusine Hespera Roxane is beautiful, but Hespera is so dark and purple and pink, very far from my associations for Baba. But that's a personal thing, it's interesting seeing what others think!

    Leona; Iris and Althea are both gorgeous. Iris is definitely something I can put in the middle.

    Victoria; yup I'm not a christian, but I still like Tabs! It means gazelle and there was a witch baby on Bewitched called Tabitha! I've never really read the NT but from what I remember it's not a very important character, it's someone who was healed by someone (J?). Ooh, Sorrel is gorgeous. I love it! Thanks, swwwtie.

    RGE; YES! Chloe, I forgot that one. I knew it was one of my favourite middles I'd left somewhere... Olwen is lovely and one of my favourites, but to me it's almost wintery. My new favourite winter girl is Persephone Olwen

    Lex; Illyria is not completely off the table. It's got lots of nice connections for us; Macedonia, my favourite S-play and one of my dearest friends was in a very good production of Twelfth Night a little while ago. Pomeline Illyria Wren is adorable, putting that one on the list...

    Chris; thank you. Your children will have dark hair don't you think? Runa is beautiful, but as I said, it's too close to Rune (one of the ultimate dad-names in Norway) for me to really consider it.

    Castles; thank you, I like that one too

    Sarah and Malk; see September. Malk; no, we hadn't registered her birth yet, so it won't.

    Oh, that took a while! Thank you all again, especially the ones of you who support and respect my feelings about this. This might be me being over sensitive, but I'm a little tired of being picked on for my feelings and naming choices. I'm not completely crazy, and I realise of course that it takes a special kind of person to carry Venus, but I'm a caring person, I wouldn't name my child something I didn't think she could deal with. We can't all name our children Jane.

    I think I'm pretty much stuck on Venus Tabitha Wren, Venus Laurel Sybilla, Venus Sybilla Willow, Melusine Atalanta Willow, Melusine Chloe Ostara, Pandora Willow Selene and Pandora Iris Laurel.
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    You are welcome Out of your new choices I think I love Melusine Chloe Ostara best. I have such a crush on Chloe by the way. Honestly, if I met a Pandora,I won't always be afraid she will "open the forbidden box" but not all people can get through that association. The name is as super gorgeous as others on your list but I don't adore Venus or Pandora as much as Melusine. So I vote Melusine(and Pomeline, if it is not off the list yet).
    I don't think you should even worry about people reacting on the name, it's choice up too you. All your names are beautiful and completely usable so Roo will have a fantastic name no matter which you choose. Mommy knows what is best for her baba. Good luck, darling.

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