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Thread: The Roo Redo

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    It sounds like Pomeline would suit her very well
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    Very, very interesting names, but you want to make sure your daughter can pronounce them when she's older. I also think its awesome how you have a Shaman and a description of your daughter like that. If she was older, I'd suggest letting her help you, but she's still a wee little thing. I also think certain names (and multiple names) could be really a heavy thing for a kid. Don't get me wrong, I love "out there" names (hell I love Philomena), but its definitely something that should be considered when giving to a child and how they grow up with the name (though I'm sure you already have considered this).

    My favorites of the names you combined are:
    Pomeline Laurel Ostara
    Venus Laurel Sybilla

    The others just seem like a lot! The names I do like that you posted are:
    Rosmerta (kind of similar to Rosalind, to be honest)

    (I'd also like to mention that Illyria is so cool! I've never heard of it before.)

    I really think Pandora is hard to be worn, plus Dora could end up a nickname, and I don't know if that's something you'd like.

    I do think its adorable that her nickname is Roo! Its always been a cute nickname, to me. Good luck!
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    Aww, I'm sorry this has been causing you such confusion but don't worry we are all happy to help you as much as you need. I know how much you want to make sure little Roo's name is absolutely perfect for her! Btw the nickname is definitely perfect so that is staying regardless. =]

    I agree with Angel and Blade and those that said Melusine seems like the best option out of these choices: It's the right color and the right calm sound and feeling. Pomeline is really adorable but it is the Fiammetta of the list in my opinion... Lovely and whimsical but maybe best suited for a mn position? I must say I think Rosmerta is a slightly harsher step in the wrong direction from Rosalind and an unrelated name will probably fit better.

    I know you had liked Willow in the past so I'm sure we can find a perfect middle spot for it that won't clash with the surname. I also liked the suggestions of Mazarine and using Peridot as a first. It's pretty, with cute little nn Peri but also makes me wonder about Aquamarine> Marina> Marian> Maris or any of those watery choices? And I am just checking to be sure that Illyria is off the table completely? I think it is so fluid and beautiful but I am trying to remember, and perhaps it was more deep purple starlight name for you? I'll check back soon, but good luck for now! <3

    Edit: Let's see, last question sorry... She still doesn't feel wintery enough to be a Ceridwen?
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    My two favourites from your list are
    1. Pomeline Laurel Ostara (amazing!!)
    2. Melusine Phoebe Willow (though would prefer Melusine Aurora Willow)

    I really love both Pomeline and Melusine (I'm big on nn and I'd probably use Poe/Pi and lulu/luz all of which I think are equally as adorable as Roo!!) Of course you could still use Roo too as a pet name for any of those names....

    If you wanted another R name for Roo though...In one if your last posts you had Roxana on your list and I remember thinking it was utterly gorgeous... And i feel it fits your spirit description...
    I think Roxana Pomeline Willow is stunning (Roo) or Melusine Roxana Willow (Roo)... I love willow in the middle especially as you associate willow trees with Roo... Also love love love Artemis and Peridot...
    Another name that came to mind when I read your spirit description was Oceane... Roxana Oceane Peridot or Roxana Oceane Artemis are beautiful!!

    Good luck!!! And Good for you for trusting your intuition and changing your daughters name!!

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    I loooooove the pp's suggestion of Melusine Roxana Willow (or Melusine Willow Roxane). As I was reading through your description of the name, I was drawn to Melusine from your list. I also like someone else's suggestion of Roswitha, which isn't too far from her original name.

    So I like:
    Melusine Roxana Willow
    Roswitha Illyria Peridot
    or perhaps Pandora _______ Vesper? Vesper came to mind as I was reading through your description of the name, and I seem to remember you liking Hespera? Maybe Melusine Hespera Roxane? I am terrible at coming up with combos, my apologies.
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