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    I think you'll need to strike a careful balance between honoring her spirit and living/working in this world. Personally, I wouldn't want to be named after old Slavic goddesses of winter or ancient Celtic fertility goddesses. Melpomene will have pronunciation problems (not insurmountable) and Pomeline might be a little too cutesy. Pandora & her box still might have a few cringe-worthy adolescent teasing moments, and Venus is a little too luscious imo.

    That leaves, for me, Melusine and Polyhymnia (and the latter is almost too much). Melusine to me feels like a much colder name than Rosalind.

    Some other 'Roo' options:

    Aruna ("the personification of sunrise" in Sanskrit)
    Sigrun (if you're feeling Nordic)
    Rohese (Anglo-Saxon form of Rose); also a Norman French version of Hrodohaidis, "kind fame"
    Rohini (a star-- Aldebaran-- and a governing birth-sign in Hindu astrology. If you read the description of people assigned its influence, it sounds like Roo!)
    Rossana (the Italianate version of Rukhsana/Roxanna, "dawn")
    Rolande (feminine version of Roland, in use since medieval times)
    Roshni ("morning light, radiance, luster")
    Rosenda "Fame, path" in Galician

    Before the baby was born you were specifically looking for blue-green, watery, forest-y names. Have you revisited any of those lists?
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