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Thread: The Roo Redo

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    The Roo Redo

    Oh, here we go again...

    We're changing Roo's name. Before you judge me too much, allow me to explain. I know her name is beautiful, I truly love it, it's so sweet and romantic and just precious, and I am so so grateful for all the help I got naming her (the first time). It suited her perfectly when she was born, I felt like we'd hit the nail on the head so to speak. But as we've gotten to know her... she's not a Rosalind. It just doesn't suit her. Maybe I'm overly sensitive about these things, but I've always connected feelings, colours, names, songs, elements, plants, minerals and creatures to one another. It's a spirit thing I guess. I just can't bear to give her a name that's so completely not her. When I told my boyfriend, he understood and actually agreed with me, he doesn't think she's a Rosalind either. Even stranger, my Shaman says the same. Anyway, this is not a pity thread, I just wanted to explain why I'm doing what I'm doing.

    This is Roo's spirit: The blues and greens of the ocean and the sky, beautiful willow trees and the rivers running between them. Light, dancing and singing, joyous and sweet. Enchanting and mesmerising. New, open, sweet and fresh like spring.

    The names we've found that we feel Roo in are as follows...

    The obvious Roo names: Rosmerta & Rozhanitsa

    The not so obvious Roo name: Pandora

    The Pom names: Melpomene, Pomeline & Polyhymnia

    The Nuss/Luss names: Melusine & Venus

    Combos I like:

    Melpomene Willow Artemis
    Melusine Phoebe Willow
    Melusine Ostara Wren
    Pandora Willow Amethyst
    Pandora Willow Selene
    Polyhymnia Phoebe Peridot
    Pomeline Laurel Ostara
    Rosmerta Circe Tabitha
    Rozhanitsa Selene Willow
    Venus Laurel Sybilla
    Venus Tabitha Amethyst
    Venus Tabitha Wren/Laurel

    So do we have any opinions? Suggestions for amazing nature middles are always welcome. And I'm not very good at putting together combos, so if anyone has something that sounds better in mind, come on and tell me.
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    No judgement here Ottilie. If she's not a Rosalind, then she's not a Rosalind.

    Will you still call her Roo? Because it is an adorable nn and I feel it fits the description you gave of her.

    How do you pronounce Rozhanitsa?

    My favorite of your names: Pomeline, Melusine, Venus, and Rozhanitsa.

    To be honest, Peridot fits the description you gave. That fresh, new, sweet, green color.

    Peridot Rozhanitsa Selene? I'm no good at combos either.

    Of your combo choices I like Melusine Phoebe Willow/Peridot, Rozhanitsa Selene Willow (this is really pretty), Venus Tabitha Wren, Pomeline Laurel Ostara.

    Excited to see what you choose!
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    Oh, with that description she sounds just like a Pomeline, Melusine or Venus. All very pretty and melodious. Rozhanitsa and Polyhymnia seem a little too much for FNs but would make nice middles. And I think you can get away with calling her Roo whatever name you choose- it's such a cute nickname for a little one

    I'm liking Pomeline Laurel Ostara and Venus Tabitha Wren. And I love Sybilla, Selene and Laurel! I'm struggling with putting combos together too. Perhaps I'll toy with some later.

    For other nature middles, perhaps: Aspen, Fern, Fleur, Fawn, Hazel? Sound beautiful and magical to me, but probably not your style. And I love Eva and its meaning. There's also Loer (moon), Delen (petal), Kelyn (Holly) and Rosen (Rose)

    Also, do you like Apolline at all? When I came across it a while ago my first thought was 'that's an ottilie name!'

    Good luck with your name redo. I'm sure you'll find the perfect one eventually

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    If you feel like her name doesn't match her spirit, and your boyfriend and Shaman agree, you definitely shouldn't ignore it and I completely get you. It's why I have several options in case Persephone turns out not to be a Persephone. When you described her spirit and listed your name options, I had a wonderful feeling towards Melusine. It's gorgeous and I think it fits exactly how you described her. I think it's her (in my opinion).

    I LOVE both your Melusine combos but I love Melusine Phoebe Willow the most. I also would love Melusine Willow Ostara and Melusine Laurel Ostara.
    I love Willow as your nature name. or Maybe flat out River?


    Melusine Arwen Willow
    Melusine Willow Fay/Faye/Fey/Fae
    Melusine Willow Xanthe
    Melusine Morgana Willow
    Melusine Willow Ondine
    Melusine Thelassa Willow
    Melusine Willow Nerida
    Melusine Atalanta Willow (love this!)
    Melusine Willow Yvaine
    Melusine Avalon Willow

    I could probably come up with more but I can't think of better nature names than Willow for her. I think I've given you a lot in other posts but am too lazy at the moment to go look >.< If you like any or want more let me know and I'll keep working on it ^_^ -- My Amazon Author Page

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    For what its worth, I adore her name, I think its truly beautiful. But mum knows best, especially in these situations.

    My favourite from your list is Pandora Willow Selene. I find Rosmerta & Rozhanitsa too harsh in sound (sorry) and a bit too clunky for my liking, but I'll offer up Rosamel and Rosalba as alternatives.

    Good luck choosing a new name for your baby

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