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Thread: The Roo Redo

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    Rowena or Rosalia are my favourite RO names, and Rosa i kind of like too. Obviously your not going to use Roo forever so do you need a name she can use some of the time or all of the time at the moment?

    Some other names: Althea, Cissy(Cecily), Ilona, Elowen, Iris, Poppy, Nella.
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    Excludes my top 7 girls and top 7 boys names.

    girls reserve list - Lucia(loo-see-a) - Orla -Kitty (katherine) - Iris - Celia - Ilona(ee-low-na)

    boys RL - Caspar - Tristan - Rowan - Charles (not charlie)

    Note: Official names in brackets and they are just that 'official'.

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    OK, ottilie, no judgement because everything happens. The most important thing is her to suit her name.
    From your names I really love Pomeline. It's so beautiful and charming without causing pronunciation or spelling problems. I am afraid Rozhanitsa and Polyhymnia may be not very easy to bear but in general, all your names are wonderful.
    If you don't mind, I will switch the combos a bit and what about:
    Pomeline Tabitha Wren
    Melisine Sybilla Laurel
    Peridot Selena Circe
    To be honest, I am not very sure about Tabitha because I remember you have said you are not Christian and Tabitha is Biblical. Anyway, it's a lovely name(used to be on my list also).
    Of course I will give you some suggestions, I love nature names:
    And these are some that popped to mind, not sure if you need them though:

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    I like the suggestion of Peridot. I know it's a little popular but have you considered Chloe? It means "green shoot," can you get more Spring than that? Or, have you considered Ceres, Brigit, Flora, or Olwen? All Springtime goddesses.
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    Dearest-Otter, I was waiting for this thread when Beatrice fell off Roo's name. I didn't realize you were contemplating the whole thing.
    Rosalind Illyria Beatrice was gorgeous but I agree it's not cool, blue-green and free spirited but instead pink and purple with midnight blue weight and silent whispers. If it's not her, it's not her.

    My favorite of your current list is Pomeline - I think it's adorable and light and reminds me of flower petals soaring skyward in the wind. I also immediately thought of little Pauline which could be a great "real name" version of this - it's also a tad less cutsey should that be a reason for concern.

    Rosmerta was the other name that really struck me. It's beautiful and has the same beginning as Rosalind. However, I don't see it as fitting who you describe Roo to be. It could be a great middle name to ground two otherwise light and airy names - but it's just too heavy and heavy a fit.

    I just came back from seeing 12th Night and I can't help but think of Illyria as a magical place where dreams and wishes come true. A place filled with salty sea air and dramatic and beautiful, unpolluted blue-green oceans like you find around Guam and Tahiti. I'd be really sad to see you nix it.

    Pomeline Illyria Wren
    Pauline Rosmerta Ostare
    Sybilla Peridot Vita
    Eliora Roisin Pomeline
    Roisin Eliora Wynn
    Finola Melusine Titania/Finola Melusine Tiana
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    I haven't gotten to read all the replies so far, but I have to say when I read your post, especially her spirit elements, the first name I thought of was Runa. I always think of deep blues and greens, forest meets ocean, ruins, ancient times, etc. I actually considered it myself for the longest time (even still, really). But also, Melusina/Melusine is simply gorgeous. Such a great history. I also considered this one, on the chance my baby would have dark hair, with the nn Melu or Lucy. I also came across a name once, Rukia or maybe Ruka. Anyway, good luck! No matter what, she'll be named beautifully.

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