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Thread: The Roo Redo

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    'Scuse me, just have to say that Aruna and Rohana are stunning. Like a stun gun.

    Also, I am brilliant. Roxane Tabitha Rue? What could be better? Elegant, spunky, vibrant. This one!
    Roxana's good too...
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    I was blown away by Rosmerta. For me, it fits your description to a T. Rosmerta seems fresh, spring-like, and lovely. It's also not much of a stretch from Rosalind, so that might be a plus. Still have the same Roo potential! Best of luck! I know whatever you choose will be creative and beautiful.
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    I'm sad to hear that Rosalind Illyria doesn't work for her - it's so very lovely. However, I'm sure you'll find something equally ravishing and far more appropriate.

    From your list, I really like Melusine and Rosmerta. I agree with Dantea that Melusine matches your description of Roo's spirit wonderfully. Melusine is very greenish-blue with a hint of silver to me and is indeed my favorite from your list. Rosmerta is beautiful and unexpected, and I do like that it preserves 'Roo'.

    Pomeline is quite delightful, but she feels far more autumn to me - perhaps because that's prime apple harvesting time? I also want to like Roxane/Roxana for this little girl, but that name is just so gold and wintery to me.

    Some ideas:
    Melusine Phoebe Amoret
    Melusine Phoebe Tamar
    Melusine Phoebe Yseult
    Melusine Arcadia Danae (I really like this one)
    Melusine Tabitha Noor

    Rosemerta Iris Melisande
    Rosmerta Iris Leontine
    Rosmerta Daphne Ondine
    Rosmerta Seraphina Elaine
    Rosmerta Charis Apolline
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    Loving dantea's suggestion of Rohana Phoebe Willow! Rohana is beautiful. I also like niftylavalamp's suggestion of Mazarine.

    I'm a long time lover of Pandora. Pandora feels very wild blue rivers and enchanting green forests to me.

    Rosmerta and Rozhanitsa feel like lesser versions of Rosalind to me; I'd just stick with Rosalind if that's the route you want to go.

    Melpomene and Polyhymnia are far too out there for a first name, imo. Better left in the middle.

    Melusine is very cool. It's slinkier than your other name choices, however. It reminds me of a glass prism, shimmering in the moonlight. Very pretty, but different.

    Venus is another cool one, but like Melusine, it doesn't bring to mind your vision. Slinky and sensual.

    Would you consider some of the other names you had on your lists before she was born? Circe and Ceridwen are the only ones I remember, and I still think they're absolutely perfect for your little girl.

    Edit: Also, I forgot to suggest Fairuza, because I was distracted with Rohana.
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    Ottilie, I love Rosalind's current name, but I'm sure you wouldn't change it without a good reason. All your combos are so magical, shimmery and gorgeous!

    My favourites are:

    Melusine Phoebe Willow
    Melusine Ostara Wren
    Rosmerta Circe Tabitha
    Rozhanitsa Selene Willow
    Melpomene Willow Artemis
    Pomeline Laurel Ostara

    I don't really like Tabitha because it reminds me of tabby cats. Melpomene and Pomeline are both beautiful and I love them but I don't like how the "pom" sound reminds me of Pomeranians and apples (it just seems like a strange association for a name). I'm not a fan of Pandora either, sorry. While all the names in your Polyhymnia combo are lovely, it's a bit too much alliteration for me.

    I'll try changing/making some more combos:

    Rosmerta Selene Willow
    Sybilla Phoebe Artemis
    Polyhymnia Venus Amethyst
    Polyhymnia Amethyst Selene
    Rozhanitsa Venus Melpomene
    Melpomene Phoebe Ostara
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