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Thread: The Roo Redo

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    I am so glad you chose Aphrodite - it just seems perfect for your little Roo. I have read every post to catch up and do have one little suggestion based on all of what I've seen. I love Illyria by the way but Tabitha seems to work well for Roo as well.

    Aphrodite Tabitha Wren or Aphrodite Illyria Rose seems to be lovely and each has one "normal" name.

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    namelover77; Aphrodite Illyria Snow, Aphrodite Evanna Wren and Aphrodite Aella Wren are very beautiful, thank you!

    littlebrownpony; yes, Aphrodite is her name. I've been using it for a few days now and it is perfect. I've also been calling her Ditaroo a lot

    Gwen; thank you! I think it's a cute story to be able to tell her too. Hope she'll like it as she grows up!

    Moonkai; we're definitely trying to work in Illyria... love it so much!

    Emmsie; haha, I hope she'll do that too ! I love Aphrodite Illyria Laurel/Willow/Dawn/Celeste/Giselle/Solenne/Eos/Iris/Clemency... and Sargasso!!! Someone is completely against this one though. I know we need a magical name to be able to hold it's own, that's the tricky part. The Starling combo is gorgeous too, but lacks in the normal department. Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions, sweetie!

    Saracita; I love Aphrodite Nerissa Willow! So lovely. As is Tabitha Willow, just beautiful. Viola Willow as well. Oh, the gorgeousness!! And, no worries, I'm not going to blame the name on her, she's far to precious to me to ever blame her for anything I did or she did as a baby.

    Elkey; thank you! That post made me so happy!

    Rollo; oh, yes, she's smiling! Laurel and Eve are both lovely. Thank you, dear!

    Aurora; yes you do have a goddess name! Aphrodite Willow Illyria is beautiful, brilliant to keep the ee's apart.

    Dina; thanks! Roo's pretty clever, I think... if only she could help with the middles too...

    Penelope; I prefer the Willow one too!

    Rosebyanyothername; Calliope is lovely, and it's been in and out of our lists, but boyfriend hates Grey's Anatomy with a passion... and he knows there's a Calliope there.

    Lex; thank you! Tabitha to me is sea blue, waves and seagulls. I love it! And I know I can't do three middles... I just got frustrated!

    characternamer; Yes, it does fit her. Rosalind as a middle... hmm. That's a thought. Need to mull it over.

    Kyemsma; thank you, it seems to be a favourite!

    niteowl; I might never tell her, we've seriously called her Rosalind maybe five times? It's mostly been Roo, Baba and Babaroo.

    Gigi; thank you so much. It's so lovely to her from my fellow mama's and see that I'm not crazy. For what it's worth, I honestly love Gemma Hermione. But Genevieve Illyria would've be stunning too.

    Bonfire; Twelfth Night is my favourite, and Illyria has a nice tie to one of my dearest friends who've played Viola in Twelfth Night. So I do want to keep Illyria in there, if it works.

    Sesshiedear; Aphrodite Charis Illyria is beautiful, it's one of my favourites. But I'm not sure the other one is convinced it's normal enough. I'm excited to see what you can come up with!

    Livia; thank you! I think it's very sweet as well.

    Kathryn; thanks! My advice: stay true to what you wanted before the pregnancy hormones took control of your brain! Cause that just makes you nuts...

    Bre; I love Aphrodite Illyria Rose! Gorgeous! Rose is one of my favourite normal girl names, and it is fitting with the Aphrodite theme.

    RGE; thank you, and the same back to you

    Amy; I was thinking the same thing with the initials, A+W! Maybe why I like the Willow combo so much... 4+4+1+1 doesn't sound too good, Wren sounds off after Illyria. It's okay after Tabs though. I was also thinking of Rosen as a middle (Cornish for rose); Aphrodite Illyria Rosen. Maybe? And you're not rambling, and in any case, you never say anything you need to be forgiven for! All sweetness, through and through, my dear Amy.

    Freya; I do like Aphrodite Illyria Daphne, so pretty! Will bring this to the table.

    Milena; thanks, I think they're pretty too!

    tiggerian; I think Wren is quite usable in England, but not as normal as Rose of course.

    Jenn; aww, thank you sweetie! And I'm glad you've never had name regret, cause your kids names are perfection! Lots of love back!

    Bonnie; thank you! I think those two are two of my maybe top five. They've got the normalness, and magicalness I want.

    Gosh, that took a while... Thank you all so much! I am going to open a new one for middles, cause 21 are a lot of pages to flip though... I think it might be less confusing (maybe) to start on a fresh blank page (thread).
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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    Ottilie, viewing from afar I think one consistent theme has been that your fiance would like a mix of the evocative and the grounded. If you are searching for "normal" names for one of the middle slots-- which frankly I think would sound far better with Aphrodite anyway-- are you interested in any family names?

    Back on this thread:

    You listed the following family names as contenders: Elvira, Polina, Laetitia, Idunn (Idony/Idhunna/Idonea), Josephine, Vanessa and Radomila/Radka & Yelena (Helena). Which we tweaked into:

    Siofra (Irish), Elvia, Alva (Swedish); Polina --> Apolline (still a fat madam?); Idunn (works best with Aphrodite's many vowels); Josiane; Elaine; Mila, Milada, Milana and Millaray; Vanessa/Vanora.

    I think I like Elaine and Vanessa best.
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    I just wanted to say that Aphrodite Illyria Rose is just perfect. Or perhaps Aphrodite Rose Illyria?

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    Blade; thanks for doing that! I had forgotten about Millaray and Siofra, they're both so beautiful. And I love Apolline... maybe I should give it another go. Elaine, Idunn, Letitia and Vanessa are already added to the possible middle list! You're so wonderful!

    Svea; I like Aphrodite Rose Illyria very much, and initials would be ARI! That's pretty cute.

    Closing the thread now. Thank you all so very much!
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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