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Thread: The Roo Redo

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    I think you'll need to strike a careful balance between honoring her spirit and living/working in this world. Personally, I wouldn't want to be named after old Slavic goddesses of winter or ancient Celtic fertility goddesses. Melpomene will have pronunciation problems (not insurmountable) and Pomeline might be a little too cutesy. Pandora & her box still might have a few cringe-worthy adolescent teasing moments, and Venus is a little too luscious imo.

    That leaves, for me, Melusine and Polyhymnia (and the latter is almost too much). Melusine to me feels like a much colder name than Rosalind.

    Some other 'Roo' options:

    Aruna ("the personification of sunrise" in Sanskrit)
    Sigrun (if you're feeling Nordic)
    Rohese (Anglo-Saxon form of Rose); also a Norman French version of Hrodohaidis, "kind fame"
    Rohini (a star-- Aldebaran-- and a governing birth-sign in Hindu astrology. If you read the description of people assigned its influence, it sounds like Roo!)
    Rossana (the Italianate version of Rukhsana/Roxanna, "dawn")
    Rolande (feminine version of Roland, in use since medieval times)
    Roshni ("morning light, radiance, luster")
    Rosenda "Fame, path" in Galician

    Before the baby was born you were specifically looking for blue-green, watery, forest-y names. Have you revisited any of those lists?
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    Rosalind is a beautiful name, but I can definitely understand the struggle of not fitting your own name has never suited me and it's frustrating indeed!

    I love Pomeline so much! It's definitely my favorite of your first name options, so whimsical but still elegant, and brimming with sweetness. It sounds perfect for the description of your daughter.

    My second favorite is Rosmerta, so lovely, and not a drastic change so it would be very easy for family to adjust to, I think.

    I'm not fond of Venus or Polyhymnia, they both sound almost...anatomical to me, like some kind of medical condition or body part. Both also feel kind of heavy, not the springy, joyful description of your babe. I like the sound of Pandora, but the Pandora's box story seems just a tad too dark of a connotation.

    The first thing that came to mind when reading your post was Mazarine, like the mazarine blue butterfly. Reading the mazarine blue butterfly description on Wikipedia (looked it up to double check spelling) sounded so perfect for your daughter. I feel like she needs a name with whimsy, and Mazarine certainly has that! Also, Mazy/Maisie is a very cute nn.

    I also really like the suggestion of Peridot for a fn, such a sweet and pretty name, gentle but spunky! Also like Sybil/Sybilla and the idea of an Agnes variant...perhaps the Welsh Nesta? It sounds nature-y and springy, bringing thoughts of nests full of new life.

    Other names that came to mind:
    Primrose (this too would be a good roo name!)
    Dragonfly (kinda out there, but I think it'd be a great middle)
    Perenelle (name of Nicolas Flamel's wife, beautiful history and legendary feel, and "perennial" is both a great meaning/connection, it's also very springy because it brings to mind the blossoming of perennial lovely.)

    Can't wait to hear what you decide!

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    I'm back with Roo names as I don't like either of yours very much (Sorry!). I also don't think you need Roo-/Ro-/Ru names to call her Roo, it's just an adorable nickname.

    Rocana (beautiful woman)
    Rodia (rose)
    Rohana (sandalwood) and I ADORE this one for you -- Rohana Phoebe Willow/Rohana Laurel Sybilla/Rohana Willow Selene
    Rohesia (rose/kind/sort)
    Romilly (wanderer)
    Rosabel/Rosabella (beautiful rose)
    Rowena (fame/friend/pike etc)
    Roxana (bright, dawn,light)
    Ruhani (spiritual)

    So Melusine and Rohana are my absolute favorites for you! Rohana in the lead by a bit (it's soft, beautiful, makes me think of valleys and streams...gorgeous!) -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    It suited her perfectly when she was born, I felt like we'd hit the nail on the head so to speak. But as we've gotten to know her... she's not a Rosalind.
    That's the thing about people...we are not static spirits. We are constantly growing, changing, and evolving. What if your sweet and fresh, blue ocean infant grows up to be a spunky and energetic, red fire 5-year-old and later a passionately curious, endless sky of sparkling stars adult. Obviously, it's your baby, and you should do what makes you happy, but I'm afraid it may be impossible to have the feeling you get from a name perfectly match the feeling you get from her spirit at all times. Maybe instead of thinking of it as her name not matching who she is, think of it as her spirit adding new meaning and depth to her name. Let her define her name rather than letting the name define her.

    Just my two cents. I'm sure that with your good taste, she will have a strikingly beautiful name no matter what you decide. Good luck!

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    I agree with Blade's assessment. Some of these names are a bit too much to work in the real world. I hate to say it, but I could see your daughter opting to go by one of her middle names if given one of these combinations. I don't mean to be too harsh, but it's just the way I see it.

    I know you have listed some names before that I think would fit the description you are looking for. The two that come to mind are Roxana and Melisande. I think both of these names are beautiful. They are both a little exotic but can also work very well in the real world. I like Roxana especially because the Roo nickname still fits. I think you can continue to call her by the nickname Roo though with whatever you decide. Nicknames have a way of coming about on their own.

    The one name that definitely does not fit what you are looking for is Pandora. I don't get the light, watery, spring connection at all. It's a very heavy and dark name, in my opinion.

    And I really love the middle name options of Willow, Laurel, and Phoebe. Sybilla is pretty too but I prefer Sybella.

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