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Thread: The Roo Redo

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    So glad you liked the rhyme Otter dear. :-) Aphrodite really is GLORIOUS. I'm sure that Roo will inspire many love poems.
    Moonkai, you made me laugh “I beg of you, don’t drop Illyria!” I feel the same, so I’m going to suggest A.I. combinations.
    Of those suggested thus far, my favorites have been:

    Aphrodite Illyria Maris
    Aphrodite Illyria Laurel
    Aphrodite Illyria Willow
    Aphrodite Illyria Wren

    My only hesitation with Wren is that they're such humble little critters. I wonder if a slightly loftier bird might fit better here. Starlings have a real sweetness, but they also have the most beautiful, intelligent flocking behavior (their flocks are called "murmurations" - look up a video if you've never seen them in action.) Aphrodite Illyria Starling

    Do you know what rhythm you prefer? Do you want to sneak a family name in there at the end?

    Short, for closure:

    Aphrodite Illyria Eve
    Aphrodite Illyria Faye
    Aphrodite Illyria Bloom
    Aphrodite Illyria Tove
    Aphrodite Illyria Dawn
    Aphrodite Illyria Sky

    Or iambic:

    Aphrodite Illyria Celeste
    Aphrodite Illyria Gisele
    Aphrodite Illyria Nadine
    Aphrodite Illyria Solenne

    Something longer keeps the momentum flowing into the last name:

    Aphrodite Illyria Agnes
    Aphrodite Illyria Eos
    Aphrodite Illyria Lotus
    Aphrodite Illyria Dagny
    Aphrodite Illyria Iris
    Aphrodite Illyria Astrid

    Aphrodite Illyria Clemency
    Aphrodite Illyria Vivian
    Aphrodite Illyria Merewen
    Aphrodite Illyria Sargasso (Ok ok BF wants normal..)

    As for the normal thing, it’s a tricky balance with such sumptuously romantic first names.. The second middle has to have enough sparkle and oomph to hold its own against Aphrodite Illyria.

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    I am honestly not a fan of any of the names that you have suggested and I just can't imagine a little baby girl or teenage with any of those names at all. I'm not trying to be rude this is just my personal opinion. I really like Willow, Phoebe and Wren.

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    I did manage to check in and see your response that you are feeling well, which is a relief to me. Then it was a long holiday weekend here so I missed weighing in on anything else! Congratulations on settling on a new name for your little Roo! I get what you have been saying about life-giving with Venus, it's just the sounds of the name itself are so heavy. Aphrodite just *sounds* more light and breezy.

    I did love Illyria but I think it's way too much EE sound in combination with Aphrodite. It's a beautiful name but it competes with Aphrodite, so I would say goodbye and choose something else. Tabitha Wren is a sweet combination too and I know it's been on your mind, but Willow seems more in fitting with the theme/colors/feeling you have been seeking for this little lass. Thus, I'm going to suggest Aphrodite Tabitha Willow.

    I also think you might like Aphrodite Nerissa Willow, which feels so blue-green water-foresty, you might have to check and see whether it really is sea-foam that you smell.

    Another idea is Aphrodite Viola Willow, which is quite plant-rich as the viola is a type of spring flower (pansies, violets and violas are all of the same family) as well as having Shakespeare use (Nerissa does too but I don't know whether you want these particular characters represented).

    If you wanted to keep a name from her original, I'd suggest Aphrodite Beatrice Wren as a sweet combo, though since Beatrice was the first to go it may be that Beatrice was the least fitting for her.

    I wouldn't do 3 middles, though Illyria Tabitha Wren would be a charming name in its own right.

    Best wishes, I don't get a lot of time to write but I'll be lurking as I can to see what full name you settle on!

    P.S. Please don't "blame" the name on her. Make it a sweet story and do tell her the story, but don't ever make her feel "blamed." It's totally frustrating feeling like you're being held to some standard you unwittingly set before you knew the difference, even if it's a jesting "blame." Just a tidbit to tuck away!

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    Ottilie, I know you have so many replies full of amazing advice, loving reassurance, and I have to repeat, Stunning poetry. Truly, emma, that is amazing. But, as always, I am drawn to your threads, your names, your style, and I want to say Aphrodite is lovely. I love the vibe, the spunk, the dark, blue feel <it's there>, the openness....I don't have the right words for it, but Aphrodite is unusual enough it will be totally her name, yet it is flexible. I could see it on any nationality, any character, it will be her. Sorry, that just explanation just made it more cloudy I'm afraid.
    And I strongly support keeping Illyria in the middle. So romantic and poetic....
    Best wishes to you, your boyfriend and little Roo. *Swoon* for Roo. Clearly, she is starting to take after her mother, with her brilliant style..Aphrodite is perfect, Roo and Ottilie!!
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    Hello little Aphrodite I bet you are smiling this morning now that your name is official.

    I agree with a pp that Wren is little too plain with Aphrodite.

    In keeping with the era (Olympians competing naked and winning laurel wreaths for their efforts) I think Laurel would have to be a strong contender.

    I also loved the suggestion of Eve, she is such an elegant figure with lots of poise and calm and has an everlasting quality about her.

    Best wishes working out the combo

    rollo xxx

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