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Thread: The Roo Redo

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    No Judgement!

    From your list I am really loving:
    Pandora Willow Amethyst-This one stood out to me the most. I can see it being used for a your little girl and when she is an adult. I am loving the vibe of it.
    Pomeline Laurel Ostara- this would be my second choice I cant decide which is better!

    Venus- I just think of the tennis player
    and the others I am not getting the same feeling as Pandora or Pomeline.

    Good luck and I hope you find the right name for your little darling!
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    Hi Ottilie,

    A brave thing to do i think, changing her name, and it’s the start of whole new name-finding adventures. (in my country this is not possible without legal permission (for example because of obvious teasing potential ).

    Your description made me think of Roswitha, wdyt?
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    Roo's spirit is beautiful.

    I don't think you need a Roo name to continue calling her Roo. Roo simply sounds like a lovely pet name as one of my uncles used to call me Possum/Blossom both of which are not related at all to my name. Maybe it's because I'm Australian and Roo reminds me of a Joey, baby kangaroo.

    Are the names you listed the only ones you will consider?

    Peridot and Willow would be fabulous first names. Also Laurel, Wren and Selene.

    Im struggling to see how Venus fits your lovely description of Roo. Venus is more seduction and less spring to me.

    The following names are unfamiliar to me but I like the sound of them:
    Melusine, Pomeline (does it really mean apple- that's cool)

    Other names to consider:
    The image you have to me is eternally youthful, playful yet wise. Serene and Content.
    Maybe look for names that mean youthful, serenity, spring.

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    Yippee! I was wondering when you were going to ask for input. I do love Rosalind Illyria, but if it's not her name it's not her name.

    How about just plain Rue for you? I think it's beautiful. "Rue for you" I suppose isn't the best association, but you liked Ophelia, so why not? Rosemary for remembrance?
    Rue... basilisk-proof herb, "sour herb of grace."

    I love Rosmerta. What a rare and fine name! Minerally in a way - like roses growing out of rocks. And I love your pairing of Circe and Willow.
    Rosmerta Circe Willow.

    Pomeline is such a dignified apple-name. Gwyneth Paltrow could have used your help. Apples are magical.
    Pomeline Sybilla Snow? Thinking of Snow White...
    Pomeline Tabitha Wren? That would be a real tapestry of a name - apples and gazelles and birds.
    Pomeline Sybilla Garnet
    Pomeline Sybilla Roxane. Not sure why, but I like Roxane for you.

    Roxane Artemis Laerke
    Roxane Artemis Lake
    Roxane Amethyst Agnethe or Roxane Amethyst Inez ...some kind of Agnes variant could be nice.
    Roxane Tabitha Rue

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    Hmmm.... What about Pomeline Venus Willow? Or those three names in any order?
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