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Thread: The Roo Redo

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    Sorry to post late but right now I get the chance lol
    I think your daughter is very lucky to have a mom that consider which name suits perfectly! I wish my mom do this to me 16 yrs ago. As for names in Greece there are tons of girls named Aphrodite and Calypso so I think it's pretty usable.I don't about U. S but if I meet a girl with that name I will think that she has a truly beautiful name!
    The suggestion of Aphrodite Illyria Pearl is truly stunning!
    As for Pandora this is by far my favorite and the combo Pandora Tabitha Wren is beautiful!
    I never like Alcyone because I have a terrible association but that's me

    Best wishes and I know you will find a beautiful name for your lil girl

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    Calypso is absolutely adorable! Probably my new favorite from your names. Aphrodite doesn't appeal to me at all though.
    Calypso Illyria Pearl also sounds stunning.

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    Ooh, much much prefer Aphrodite to Venus, fits so much better with the imagery you're after. I think Aphie/Affie would be an adorable nn, too; & Roo is definitely still a possibility!
    I think you'd never be completely at ease with using Calypso, as the situation is a little awkward. I am a much bigger fan of Callisto as an alternative.

    Still favouring Pandora though, completely on the Pandora Tabitha Wren bandwagon!

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    Thanks everyone! I am completely in love with Aphrodite, as is my boyfriend, so it's officially on the shortlist we're trying out.

    Blade; I agree, Aphrodite actually gives me a lot of the same feel as Zenobia; quirky, fun and beautiful. It's less sex and more femininity. I can kind of already see the name on her nursery smock...

    Pink; no offense, I see what you mean! I know some of them are a lot, but I'm kind of an over the top person...

    Rollo; thank you! I do love Calypso, I think it's very wearable.

    Emmsie; Haha, your comments always make me laugh. You're so much fun! I like the Aphrodite Illyria Laurel one in particular. I don't know if I've told anyone here, but I had a very vivid pregnancy dream where my daughter's name was Laurel. The Pearl one is sweet, but as much as I love actual pearls I've never come around to the name.

    Sara; thanks for chiming in! I do agree with you, but maybe Aphrodite feels less divine? I of course think Roo is the most beautiful baby in the world... but that's my view as her Mama.

    Aguafresca; thank you! Calypso Peridot Illyria is super pretty!

    kathryn; Roux is pretty, but feels kind of boyish to me... thanks though!

    sarab; yeah, it's on our list!

    Lex; my first thoughts on nicknames were Aphra and Dita!

    Bre; thanks, and I see your point. It could be awkward...

    Moonkai; Pandaroo!!! Ooooh.... I do love Pandora very much. In case we don't go with it, I will absolutely save it for a future child. And your epithets are gorgeous, but my (stupid) boyfriend thinks epithets is pretentious.

    Amy!!!; You are absolutely right, I love when you come in with your sanity. What you say about Calypso is probably true... besides, I think it might be in the Zenobia category; a name better suited for the wild unruly little sister. And I love that you're on board with Aphrodite! It does have Roo right in there doesn't it? I am ridiculously excited about all the great feedback on this name.

    Vintage; I know! I love Tabitha and Wren together. I actually really like Aphrodite Tabitha Wren as a full name. And the Pandora one is gorgeous too You can use it either way, sweetie!!

    Javad; thank you! Alcyone is still in the mix, I just got so excited about Aphrodite. Callista is a bit too frilly for me, but Callisto might do. I do want to keep Illyria in the middle, I hope we can fit it in there.

    c@29, you're right, Illyria was in there from the beginning. I actually think Aphrodite is warmer than Venus, but both are in the blue/green specter

    calista; both pretty, but not really me I'm afraid.

    Renny; we think alike Aphra is one of the nicknames I've thought of, and in addition Aphra Behn is a great namesake.

    Bellerose; Thank you so much! It makes me happy knowing there are girls/women with these names in Greece. I mean, of course there are!

    Victoria; thanks, Calypso is very beautiful.

    Caroline; yeah, you are right, I think Callisto would be better. And that one has been on and off my list all the way anyway... Pandora Tabitha Wren is gorgeous. Thank you!!!

    So it's between Alcyone, Callisto, Aphrodite and Pandora. We started trying them out this morning and we're charting Will let you know how it's going in a few days. Middle names we'll decide on when the first one is settled.
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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    I am not going to add any suggestions, just wanted to wish you good luck Ottilie! I have really enjoyed reading through this thread this morning and think the suggestions from the Berries have been fabulous.
    Not expecting, just collecting.
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