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Thread: The Roo Redo

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    I think Aphrodite is unbefreakinlievable. Unabashed, unafraid of joy and pleasure, unapologetically Greek. It says "my mama was a classics major" much more than Venus. Heck, you can always call her Venus once in a while if it pleases you.
    I say YES!!!!!

    Aphrodite Illyria Laurel
    Aphrodite Illyria Rois ("rosh"- I like that it's a kind of mashup btw rose and rush.)
    Aphrodite Tempest Illyria (too literal?)

    Aphrodite Illyria Merle ....I love this! It's half mer half Merlin. From Muriel ("bright sea") only sleeker.

    Or simple Pearl - Aphrodite Illyria Pearl

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    Quote Originally Posted by blade View Post
    And I think Aphrodite, despite being goddess of physical beauty, is less tied to Adonis-like implications than sexy Venus. It would really suck to be a dumpy spotty Venus, but Aphrodite can be bookish, intellectual, whimsical, etc-- the name seems less tied to appearance.
    Ottilie, sorry I haven't given you much feedback because, as others have said, I don't really see names in terms of their colours or spirits, but I just wanted to add that, although I think Aphrodite is great, I don't agree that it's less tied to appearances than Venus. I see Aphrodite as the goddess of beauty, so I don't really agree with the notion that a Venus couldn't be dumpy and spotty, but an Aphrodite could. Personally, I think if your name is Aphrodite, you'd better be gorgeous! Although, this is probably a non-issue because Roo is, no doubt, a stunner!
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    I wanted to say that I'm glad you're still considering keeping Illyria as a middle since I also thought that was the most beautiful part of her original name. And I too thought Rosalind came a bit out of nowhere, and I wasn't even following your threads too carefully!

    I like Peridot so much for you. I don't like Venus for some reason - it's not quite interesting enough compared to some of your other options. I think you could totally do Calypso or Aphrodite. I really like Alcyone for you, too.

    Calypso Peridot Illyria?

    I'm terrible at name combinations. I just hope you keep Illyria in there! Good luck. I'm trying not to spend much time on nameberry (so I have more time with my actual children!) but I'll probably come back here and there to check on what you're thinking since I'm so intrigued by your style.
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    Quote: Or simple Pearl - Aphrodite Illyria Pearl

    I like this suggestion a lot!
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    I'm sorry the name turned out not to suit her! I'm not great at suggesting names for people based on what they like, but from your list, I think Pandora Willow Selene fits the best. Good luck!

    Edit: I just saw the end here where you asked about Calypso and Aphrodite. I would never use either of those names, but they both fit your style. I personally think Calypso is more wearable though. And I don't think it matters that much about the acquaintance if you never see her.

    Edit #2: I haven't read through everything so sorry if this has already been suggested: What about Roux as a first or middle?
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