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Thread: The Roo Redo

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    Pomeline Illyria Wren is adorable as is Pomeline Tabitha Wren.
    I like Venus Laurel Sybilla and Venus Sybilla Willow, but Venus gives off a really intense and fiery vibe rather than soft and whispery.
    I wouldn't say fiery but intense yes.

    See, for your dark, velvety thing like you said Rohana makes you feel, I get dark and velvety from Pandora. To me, it's the one that fits the least off your list. Pandora just completely misses the images you described to me (though I can see using it. It's a dark name to me, and I wouldn't use it, but I could see it working nicely, just not with the images you described).
    I would also adore Sybilla in the first name spot!
    I hope you find your perfect name and I am curious to see how your test period went

    My favorite combos are
    Alcyone Illyria Wren
    Pandora Willow Illyria
    Venus Laurel Sybilla - this one is my favorite
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    Amy & Ren; those bracelets are very cute. My charm bracelet is ancient, my grandmother still gives me charms for my birthdays!

    Blade; yeah, I'm focusing on the first names. The middles will come together later. I've been mulling over Aphrodite for a few hours now... this is my ultimate GP name. I never even considered it, but now that I've had time... people are called all kinds of other mythological names, including Freyja and Isis, so why not Aphrodite? Do we think it's usable? It's super cute and fun and happy!

    Javad; thanks for your input on all the names! We're thinking of keeping Illyria, if it feels right. But our main concern is the fn, then we'll choose something that fits in the middle after.

    Lex; charting, that's a good idea! I am going to do that from tomorrow.

    Red; thanks! Pandora is quite adorable!

    Peacelove; Juniper is cute, but sounds rather masculine to me...

    Emms; all beautiful! I really like Alcyone Lyra Zephyrine!!! All are absolutely beautiful though, I'll keep an eye on these.

    Rollo; I do love Calypso. I have a sort of friend/acquaintance with a daughter by this name, but it's always in the back of my head. I love the -o ending, and the feeling of crashing waves. Is it rude to use the name of a child to someone you're not really friends with but see occasionally? Hmm...

    characternamer; Roo will definitely be a nickname no matter what. It's what we call her, she's our little Roo. The teasing thing is of course something to be cautious about... but I don't really see a child of mine being teased a lot, we hang out with quite an eclectically named group, and the nursery/school we want her to attend is known for adventurous names and spirits.

    Sara; thank you! As I said, I get a warm feeling in my heart when people like Venus!!!

    Okay, I am going to close this thread tomorrow, but if anyone checks in before then:

    What are your thoughts on Calypso and Aphrodite? I know Aphrodite might be a lot to handle, but I think my daughter can handle it. I obviously thinks she's beautiful now, but I can't see her looks going south when she grows up. And Calypso, is it terribly rude to name my child the name the daughter of an acquaintance has? Or is it okay? I never see them on my own, only through our mutual friend. And she's older, 3+.
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    I know I suggested the possibility so chiming in sounds a bit like an echo chamber, but I personally find Aphrodite more usable than Venus. It's a beautiful name, rolls off the tongue well, and the mythological Aphrodite is well-enough known that people will be able to pronounce the name. That being said, it's kept a more scholarly and quirky vibe than Roman counterpart Venus. And 'roo' is tucked away inside. And I think Aphrodite, despite being goddess of physical beauty, is less tied to Adonis-like implications than sexy Venus. It would really suck to be a dumpy spotty Venus, but Aphrodite can be bookish, intellectual, whimsical, etc-- the name seems less tied to appearance.

    Calypso is a very uncommon name (though more common than Alcyone or Aphrodite), but quite wearable. Knowing two in the same extended circle might be uncomfortable, especially if you're with an artistic or intellectual crowd that prides themselves on being unique. I think the fact that you literally never see this person & child on your own makes a good deal of difference.
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    I mean no disrespect when I say this, I completely understand that you and I have very different tastes, but I think a lot of names on your list are simply too much name and not very wearable.

    Most of the names on your list would require a larger than life personality and a very confident disposition...I for one can't imagine a shy and awkward Aphrodite.

    I don't mean to offend you in any way ottilie, I think the names on your list are truly beautiful. I know my own taste in names is very "safe" so I'm probably the wrong person to weigh in anyway, but I just they're too much.

    Good luck renaming your baba, hope you find a name that suits her better than Rosalind x

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    ottilie I think that Calypso is a joyful name, full of the joy of life. I can see Calypso sitting in yacht in the Caribbean with the warm, gentle wind in her face, totally relaxed and free. Almost as if she was a free spirit but a very happy joyful one.

    rollo xx

    PS You can use Calypso even if you have an acquaintance with this name, no worries.

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