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Thread: The Roo Redo

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    Alcyone Illyria Wren and Pandora Willow Illyria are my favorites, though they're all lovely. Venus Laurel Sybilla is my fave of the Venus combos. It's quite striking. I absolutely adore the Pandora one. Good luck. I hope one of them fits your daughter.
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    Of course I won't judge you. If sweet little Roo isn't a Rosalind, then so be it. Change her name now while you can!

    I think Wren is the best name for her personality. Actually, the first name I thought of when I read this thread was Juniper. What do you think?

    Good luck!
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    Alcyone & Zephyrine together are delicious. Very Birth of Venus.

    Alcyone Nova Zephyrine

    Illyria and Maris together are like honeysuckle growing on the beach. I'd switch the order for sharper sound:

    Alcyone Maris Illyria
    Alcyone Charis Illyria

    Alcyone Nerissa Ondine
    Alcyone Sapphira Delphine (delphinium blue and the Delphic oracle)
    Laurel Aegea Zephyrine
    Laurel Tabitha Wren
    Clarinda Kinneret Laurel
    Alcyone Kinneret Joy
    Laurel Illyria Clémence (or Clemency)
    Alcyone Theona Delphine
    Alcyone Lyra Zephyrine (Lyra would be a a nice way to bring in the old Orpheus theme)

    Loving Rollo's suggestion of Oceane (even if it is very pop in France)

    Amethyst Venus Oceane

    Of your current choices, my favorites are
    Venus Illyria Willow
    Venus Laurel Sybilla

    So the cy in Alcyone is "sigh" not "see?" I was assuming it was closer to halcyon ("al-SEE-uh-nee")
    You have changed my mind about Pandora. You and Bulfinch.
    Pandora Willow...

    Randomly, for your consideration, a word (name?) I like: Numina.

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    Hi ottilie sorry I couldn't give you any inspired names I found a long list of ancient Greek girls names but they were too long to post here.

    Names that I like


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    I'm not sure if I replied to this, but if Rosalind doesn't work, it doesn't work. I hope you do still use Roo! I think that fits her personality, actually.
    Alycone and Pandora are very nice, but I met a Venus at camp and all anyone ever did seemed to be tease her about her name.
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