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Thread: The Roo Redo

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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    [...]Rosalind only appeared on our lists very soon to her birth, it wasn't a name I loved for months. I was hormonal, and (not to blame this) I'm bipolar, and my mood even on meds goes up and down, how secure or insecure I am. The last while before she was born was difficult, I was scared and I lost track of what I was really looking for in a name. [...]
    I never thought about this before but this makes so much sense. When Rosalind popped up for the first time I remember thinking "huh... I never saw that coming" and "I wonder if they decided that others - like Alcyone, Circe, Fiammetta and Illyria - were just too out there".

    I'm just going to throw this out there but I think I might choose Alcyone Tabitha Wren or Tabitha Alycone Wren.

    Also I was so about to suggest (half in jest) that you should consider Endora (I love Bewitched and this is definitely a GP name) but I just went back and realized you originally had a Eudora on your list. They seem to fit right in with Pandora and might be great alternatives depending on the combo. (Though Endora is a bit of a firecracker isn't she?)
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    I thought you might experience name regret. I remember when you first mentioned Rosalind I thought it came out of left field. I agree with @blade and second Alcyone as a suggestion. In my mind, Alcyone evokes the exact imagery you have for the little one. Enchanting, magical and mesmerizing but completely wearable. My other favorites are Pomeline and Pandora. How sweet is Pomeline? In my opinion, Pandora's completely wearable. Though I agree with previous posters that it's quite velvety (but sweet) and different than the image you envision for the little one.

    Is there a particular name you've loved for a long time or that you're leaning towards?

    Food for thought:

    Alcyone Illyria Willow
    Alcyone Pomeline Illyria
    Alcyone Tabitha Wren (Just realized @lexie mentioned this. I second her suggestion!)
    Alcyone Illyria Arden
    Alcyone Arcadia Wren

    I'm sure you'll find a name that perfectly suits baba. Don't worry about what others might think. In the words of Jessie J- Mama Knows Best (& so does daddy if you listen to the entire song!)

    Good luck sweetie!
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    Aw well, if you feel that what you've named her isn't the right name, then it isn't her right name and I definitely support the idea of changing it - no matter how beautiful it is (and it really is, your taste in names is exquisite, Ottilie ). There's nothing worse than a name that doesn't suit the person who's bearing it, and afterall it's better being named right from the start than to change it later on.

    I love Melpomene and Melusine.
    If you're still looking for a Roo-name, I think Rosemarie is gorgeous (with the Danish pronunciation (here pronounced with a slight German accent), however. I don't dislike the 'Rosemary' pronunciation, but I don't love it either).
    What about Fiammetta, Hespera, Zenobia and Illyria? Are you going in another direction, or are these still on the table? I absolutely adore all four names and I think that all of them would make suit both Melpomene and Melusine wonderful (Melusine/Melpomene Atalanta Zenobia, gush). Elysant and Pomeline would also make beautiful and light middle names (or I don't know, I'm horrible at suggesting names )
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    I quite like Melpomene and I agree with others that Pomeline is absolutely adorable. It's in contention with Apolline (which I like for you too) as one of my favorite names. Verna seems like it might fit. It's green and lush to me. I think Iris has already come up? It has a blue/green feeling to me, as does Opal, Signe, Chloris and Clover. Watery names: Nixie, Nineve, Nimue (wasn't this one on your list before?), Nimiane, Undine/Ondine, Marilla, Winnifred.

    Personally, I like

    Apolline Illyria Lark or Pomeline Illyria Lark
    Apolline Atalanta Willow
    Pomeline Verna Nimiane
    Pomeline Nineve Clover
    Melpomene Winnifred Signe
    Melpomene Nixie Opal

    Good luck Ottilie, I hope you find what you're looking for!
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    Ottilie, I wouldn't be the kind of person to choose a name based on how the spirit feels; I don't even know how to identify how a spirit feels or what colour it would be. But that sounds really interesting and anyone would appreciate that much thought going into their name!

    My favourite of your new shortlist is Melusine Atalanta Willow. It's so sweet, whimsical and feels very nature-y. I'm not a fan of Chloe, but Melusine Ostara Willow or Melusine Ostara Laurel would be lovely! I like Venus Laurel Sybilla and Venus Sybilla Willow, but Venus gives off a really intense and fiery vibe rather than soft and whispery. Probably because of Venus Williams (I'm a big tennis fan). The Pandora combos are lovely but for some reason I can't even imagine a person named Pandora- maybe because there was a dog named that in these books I loved as a child, haha!
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