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Thread: The Roo Redo

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    Sorry to hear you´ve had a difficult time with this, I cannot imagine how stressful it would be to feel like the name you´ve chosen isn´t a good fit. But you have some lovely new choices

    Roo sounds adorable, from your description! Agree with a pp that the first name to spring to mind after reading your description is Daphne. So springy and very blue/green, now that I think about it. It also means laurel, I believe, so it has the nature connection.

    From your list of names, Pandora would be my favourite. It completely fits the brief, and I think it strikes the right balance between unusual and wearable. Pandora Daphne Willow would be amazing, but may be a double dose of nature middle. So Pandora Circe Willow or Pandora Chloe Willow may be good alternatives. I like Willow as a mn for you, since you specifically mentioned it in the description (it helps that I have an incredible goddaughter Willow). I would also adore Sybilla in the first name spot! Melusine isn´t one I personally love, but I feel like you might really love it; if so, I´d go with that! Rosmerta is another pretty choice (I never heard of it before, now it is growing on me; I don´t think it is unwearable because it has safer nickname options) and I looove that you could keep the nn Roo, which is so charming.
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    I'm so sorry you don't like Rohana! To me, it had everything and makes me think of LOTR all at once >.> See, for your dark, velvety thing like you said Rohana makes you feel, I get dark and velvety from Pandora. To me, it's the one that fits the least off your list. Pandora just completely misses the images you described to me (though I can see using it. It's a dark name to me, and I wouldn't use it, but I could see it working nicely, just not with the images you described). Why not just Pandia? It brightness and similar and still has Panda, Pia, Dia, Nia, Pana, etc.
    Venus, like others have said, to me is sensual and alluring, not bright watery stuff.

    I still like Melusine best from your list (it just fits so perfectly to me) and Melusine Atalanta Willow is just amazing for those images. I think Atalanta is a hard one for the first name spot as most people will probably hear Atlanta, but I think in the middle and in this combo, perfection.

    Maybe you'd like some of the Oceanids? (daughters of Oceanus and Thethys):

    Cleodora (which still has Dora and adds Cleo, Clea, Clora, Lora)
    Ianthe (ee-an-thee)
    Lysithea (lie-sith-ee-ah)
    Nephele (neph-eh-lee -- I think I remember you liking this one. She's and Oceanid but there's also a Nephele, goddess of clouds)
    Philyra (fil-eer-ah)

    or maybe:

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    So, you're loving Venus, Melusine, and Pandora..
    Out of those, I'll throw in my vote for Venus because although very dramatic, she's also so FUN and makes me think of Botticelli and sea-spray and unbridled love! Not to mention the muscley-beautiful Williams sisters.

    Melusine is very liquid and kind of sly to me, like a river running through a shady wood. Apparently there's an image of Melusine on the Starbucks cup... Not sure if that matters to you but it might deter me. :-/

    Pandora- Do you feel a strong connection to the story of Pandora? The meaning to you should have at least as much weight as the teasing potential and association with Pandora releasing all the beasties and nasties into the world... It wasn't her fault, but most people won't know the full tale. I do love the sound of Pandora. She's all rich chestnut brown to me, like the Rossetti painting.

    Tabitha is fabulous, but I see her as a calico creature, sassy but not exactly exotic. I'd pair her with Ms Appletree Pomeline rather than va va voom Venus. Apple trees are good in all seasons by the way. Think of their lacy fragrant flowering state in the Springtime!

    I stand by Pomeline Tabitha Wren.
    Venus Illyria Willow
    Venus Illyria Noor
    Venus Illyria anything.

    If you do stick with Mellie, I think it looks smashing with Illyria (what doesn't?)

    Melusine Daphne Illyria ...
    Melusine Illyria Willow

    You are the only one here who knows your Roo. We may love a name in the abstract, but only you can see if it's right for her. I know a Gertrude (Trudy) who rocks that frumpy old name like nobody's business, and I know a man named Tristan who's completely mismatched with his beautiful name. So it has to... resonate.

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    one other thing, if your not using Rosalind Illyria Beatrice, can I(?) It is very beautiful and good luck trying to beat it xx

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    I understand where you're coming from; Rosalind's naming journey was a long one but one very consistent theme was that you loved evocative, magical, nature-connected, mythological names. At times I think you felt the names you were considering were a little too unrealistic so you pulled back, and perhaps you over-corrected when you settled on three relatively well-known Shakespearean names (Illyria notwithstanding, which is still very evocative and free-wheeling to me).

    If you'll allow me to say so, I know you don't care one whit about social class issues but some of your daughter's relatives might. There is such a long tradition of obscure, lovely mythological names (usually Greek) being given to relatively well-born children in the UK. I think that might be your toe-hold: you can please family while still selecting an utterly unique, very magical, non-Judeo-Christian name that carries every aspiration you have for your daughter, and honors your impressions of her personality, while still being wearable. And it's a nice connetion to your prior life as a classicist.

    Personally, I really love Alcyone. I think when we were discussing it earlier I thought the pronunciation issues with the Greek E might not be worth it, but I've completely changed my mind. To me it's fresh, open, calm, nautical-- halcyon birds and sunlight on coves in the Greek isles. What's more, I would like to be named Alcyone. I could be a doctor named Alcyone, or an avant-garde artist. I could stave off detractors for having a 'weird' name based on its long, long history, lilting sounds and the special meaning you're searching for in finding *Roo's* name. (And I feel the same way about Euphrosyne).

    Throwing out ideas to see what sticks:

    Alcyone Illyria Wren
    Alcyone Illyria Maris
    Alcyone Illyria Charis

    Alcyone ___ Zephyrine?
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