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    Can't decide!

    Hi all. I've been lurking here for a few weeks searching for names and just now decided to actually break down & create an account to ask for some help, so here goes!

    I'm due in early June and DH and I are waiting to find out the sex (I just posted this in the boys section also, so I'm sorry if you're reading it twice!). This bean will be our fourth; We already have Charles Jasper III (goes by Jasper- DH is Charlie & granddaddy is CJ), Francis Eli (goes by Frankie) & Annabeth Clare. All have at least one family name/honor a family member in some way, so we are considering continuing that with this one but I'm not totally sure I want to keep it up. Do you all think it would be weird to not use any family names after using ones in all the other names?

    Here's our short list, I'd love any other suggestions you think would fit in with our style & with Jasper, Frankie & Annabeth. We're being pretty loose about names this time and are trying to be very open to any suggestions.

    Meredith (I'm really conflicted about this one. I'd always HATED it, especially on a girl, but in the past few months I've warmed up to it so much I would consider actually using it. DH loves it too, but I'm thinking maybe just as a middle name?)
    Ruby (probably only middle name)

    Thanks for the help & for reading this long post!

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