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    Clara -

    A few weeks back, I asked if you would repeat one of your children's names.... Specifically in my case, I have a daughter named Emma Addison Grace, and we have been considering using Grace if this baby is a girl. So, now my Clara question.... We both really like Clara.... however we have a daughter Sophie-Claire Juliette (she usually goes by just Sophie ) . We were thinking about Clara-Grace or Clara Evangeline.... Too close???? Too much??? Are there any other names that have the feel of Clara? At this point I may just need to start from scratch... again... any thoughts and inputs are appreciated. Here are some other names we have considered (meaning- both like):
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    I love Clara! I don't think it is too close to Sophie-Claire's name. How about Clara Jane? (Come to think of it, is Clara too close to Sarah's name?)

    Another name I thought of for you is Laura. Laura Jane and Laura Evangeline are so pretty, too!
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    Not too close. Go for Clara! Clara Evangeline is beautiful.

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    I think Clara-Grace is too close. At least one of her names should be entirely her own.
    Do you pronounce Clara -Clair-a Or Cl-R-a? I think that makes a difference on whether the names are too close or not.

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    Thanks!! Love Clara- Jane or Clara Evangeline, however while lying in bed last night, and thinking over Clara (I pronounce it "Clar-ah")- I realized, while it may not be too close to Sophie-Claire, it is most probably too close to our Sarah! I felt, like "Duh"!!! Not sure it would quite work to have a Sarah and a Clara..... Though I have seen, after looking up the name Clara- Sarah listed as a common sibling for her.... Thoughts?????????????
    Clara and Sarah????????????
    ~ "How can there be too many children? That is like saying there are too many flowers."~ Mother Teresa

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