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    Vivienne/Vivian becoming too popular??

    I love the name Vivienne and it is the only name we are currently considering if this baby is a girl (we find out in 3 weeks). However, I worry about it becoming too popular. Is this something I should be concerned about with this name? Are there a lot of little Vivienne/Vivian's running around? Or newborns? Do you see this name really growing in popularity?

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    Re: Vivienne/Vivian becoming too popular??

    We also loved the name but decided against using it because a friend just used it. I was afraid it was going to become too popular also. It is definitely up and coming.
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    Re: Vivienne/Vivian becoming too popular??

    Thanks for your response!

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    Re: Vivienne/Vivian becoming too popular??

    I love the name, and do think you should use it if you absolutely want it for your child. I agree inevitably it is rising fast due to Pitt/Jolie using it. I would not be surprised to see it in the top 100 in a few years.

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    Re: Vivienne/Vivian becoming too popular??

    Don't worry about it. It'll probably get more popular in the future, but Vivian is still an old lady name to much of the general public (non name-nerds). Plus, it's so classic that while it may rise in popularity, it'll never seem trendy, which is the thing to worry about IMO. Lovely name!
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