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    Those are all great choices. We are also Jewish and considering Jonah, Lev, Liev (Yiddish), Matan, Omri, Noam, Etrog and Lulav. I am just kidding about the last two - that's my DH's bad joke Right now, Jonah is our #1, despite the fact that it reminds me of the little boy from Sleepless in Seattle!

    I loved the name Asher for years but now all of a sudden it's heading for the top 50, so we dumped that one. I also love the names Avi and Aviv, but I grew up with two of them, so the names are ruined for me (to use) due to the strong connotations. I also have family in Israel, so the following names are out for me, but might work for you: Micah, Aviad, Yoni, Nati, Natan, Eitan, Dan (pronounced DahhN), Shlomi, Guy and Ari. We had briefly considered Zev, but the more common name/spelling in Hebrew is actually Ze'ev. I don't want any pronunciation issues, so we will probably dump Liev for the same reason. And I third (fourth?) the rec of not using Cohen as a first name, not because it's trendy, but because if you or your husband are not in that tribe, it's kind of a misnomer.

    Good luck - would love to hear what you end up going with!

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