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    We're Jewish and considering Jonah, Zev, Benjamin and Ezra for a boy - not all modern or unusual but each one fits our criteria of being Hebrew AND having a family/personal significance.

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    Ditto not choosing Cohen....

    As far as modern goes...I love Ezra and we almost used it as a first name but its one of our ds's middles. Also, Levi (used as a middle), Seth, Micah (too similar to Mike/Michael for my personal taste but its a neat name), Jonah (very popular where I live but I love the sound of it), Ari, Judah, Gideon, Reuben, Isaac....brain freeze thinking of more.

    Unusual, well, again, we chose Elihu. Helps that I'm a Phish head so it doubles for anybody in that crowd. Also Lemuel but since I read the Red Tent I cannot get over the "character" of Lemuel.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jemama View Post
    e Elihu. Helps that I'm a Phish head so it doubles for anybody in that crowd.
    I've wondered about that when I've seen your signature I always sing "Dancin' with Elihu, up on Leemor's bed" when I read it. I can't say I am a current Phish head, but spent a significant part of my college years and a bit beyond with the Phish head crowd and going to shows. My SO is still a HUGE Phish head.
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    I really like the name Ari.

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    Not Jewish, but I really like Yael and Boaz. Elijah is an all time fave for me also.
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