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    I like River too. Did he have a specific river he liked to fish at? If so, is the name of the river usable?

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    Maybe I'm too picky... River Joe sounds like the name of a river, and Fisher Joe sounds like the name of a fisherman. Was there any particular river or lake he fished on? Sometimes they can make cool names like Hudson, Huron, Rio, etc.

    Boats: Crew, Skip, Skipper, Piers (Piers Joseph would be cool), Cruz, Kelvin ("friend of ships"), Hatch, Hull
    Water-related: Reed, Beacon, Ford, Beck, Wade, Reef, Dylan ("son of the sea"), Lachlan, Kai ("the sea"), Lincoln, Sachiel, Douglas, Irvin, Lake, Rio,
    Fishing: Finn, Marlin, Ray, Timin, Fisk, Shad, Jack, Pike, Zander, Gil, Cray (like Crayfish), John (Copper John), Rod, Rusty (Rusty Rat)
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    River Joe is cute or Joseph River or River Joseph are also cute.

    I am in the same position honouring grandparents but I have 3 to honour luckily 2 have the same first name.

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    I LOVE River Joseph. I would really recommend using Joseph instead of Joe, it flows better with most names!

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