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    Oh my goodness, i feel your pain! My story is exactly the same, 12 years on the pill with clear skin then, when i came off birth control and it went crazy! It was crazy through my pregnancy, although it did get better as the pregnancy went on, but it didn't really start to clear until i'd stopped breast-feeding.

    I was told by my doctor that the standard, over the counter acne treatments with s. acid are fine during pregnancy, they are very weak. If you feel uncomfortable about it though, anything with Witch-Hazel or teatree is good. Cetaphil is a great suggestion, or the really basic Neutrogena soap because hormonal skin is super sensitive so its a good idea not to anger it. Regularly exfoliate, but really, really gently (a clean muslin washcloth is the best thing) and a fine clay or charcoal mask once a week. Avoid anything with perfumes or alcohol that will strip your skin.

    The one thing that i've found really helps is taking calcium and magnesium supplements. I started taking them while breastfeeding and the effect on my skin was amazing! I think they have an anti-inflamatory effect and probably aren't a bad idea when you're pregnant, although i would check with your doctor first.

    Hang in there though, it will get better as your hormones calm down!
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    Sorry to hear! I use Jurilque, which doesn't have any acids in it. I've found that using anything with acids during pregnancy makes it worse! I use a clarisonic on my face everyday which really cleans out my pores and then the mild Jurilque system. For spots since I've been trying to stay away from the acids I actually use bacitracin. I originally thought since it was greasy it wouldn't work but the bacitracin is an antibiotic so it actually dries out and clears up the pimple ( infection). If you're going to try that though I suggest only on pimples that have puss. The clarisonic is a little pricey but def worth the investment
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    I get terrible hormonal break outs during my cycle, the only thing that has ever worked for me is Evening Primrose Oil supplements! You need to take 4-6 a day and I believe it also supposedly helps fertility! I highly recommend trying it!

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    I'm sorry! That doesn't sound fun. I remember a physician on "The Peoples' Pharmacy" speaking about how turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties and as such is good for acne. He said his son took a tablespoon a day and it cleared him up. A tablespoon sounds like quite a lot, but I think it's pretty yummy with sauteed veggies or with scrambled eggs or you can stir it into the water when you're boiling rice (which will wind up yellow). Also, turmeric is available in tablet form. All that said, I don't really know about its safety during pregnancy, but might be something to investigate. Ginger also has anti-inflammatory properties so it might help to incorporate more ginger into your diet as well. I'd also recommend drinking tons of water if you're not already doing so.

    Also, have you considered consulting a dermatologist who can steer you to safe products? (And perhaps put your mind at ease about the small amounts of salicylic acid you've used.)

    Good luck!

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    I am an Esthetician and I have worked with all kinds of acne sufferers so I guess I might be able to help. First, where on your face is the majority of the bumps? Hormonal acne usually only shows up on your neck and jawline, but during pregnancy it can happen on your shoulders, back, and cheeks. Salicylic acid is derived from Willow Bark and is generally okay for pregnant women in it's over the counter form (like Clean & Clear, Oxy, etc.) but personally, I find that Benzoyl Peroxide works better and is less drying and irritating. Tea Tree oil is alright in diluted form on the body only! Do not use pure Tea Tree oil on your face because it can potentially cause something similar to a chemical burn. I do not recommend Tea Tree anyway because it causes redness and inflammation on more sensitive skin. Also, whatever you do, do not stop moisturizing because it seems like you have excess oil. Depriving your skin of moisture will make acne worse because your oil glands will start over compensating and actually produce much more oil than normal. Start using a toner or mild astringent after you wash, before you moisturize. Be sure to drink a lot of water and a daily vitamin C supplement helps too.

    Products I recommend:

    Kiss My Face Organics Break Out acne clearing gel - this does have tea tree oil in it, so do not use if you have sensitive skin.
    Witch Hazel - simple, but it works
    Queen Helene's Mint Julep Masque - dot on to all pimples, broke out areas
    Avalon Organics Vitamin C facial cleanser - very mild, does not over dry
    Aveda Outer Peace collection - all of it is good, the moisturizer especially. Kinda pricey though

    Any product with Kaolin clay is great for excess oil, if you have a particularly large pimple just dot on a Kaolin clay masque and go to sleep. Don't pick or squeeze your face because it increases redness and inflammation. Hope that helped.
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