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    What girl names compliment our boy choices?

    Hi Berries,
    You have been such a great help since I can not find the right girl name. I am not yet pregnant but hopefully this year! I thought we had found our names and it was a done deal but I just fell out of love with our girl name. We had DELILAH JUNE picked but I feel it is just too popular now or will become popular. Not only am I in search of the right name now but it got me thinking that it has to compliment our boy choices in case we have a boy/girl sib set. If we have a b/b sib set the names will be ANTON GREY and MAVERICK LEO. If we have a boy first I am not sure which name we will use first. It all comes down to when he is born and we see him. We will use our gut feeling.

    But for now which girl names compliment ANTON GREY & MAVERICK LEO?

    So far our girl options (which seem more adventurous than boys):
    AURORA ORCHID- Berries came up with this. It has actually grown on me
    SEPTEMBER ROSE- Just came up with this combo
    WINTER IVY- Berrie came up with this combo
    ITHACA ROSE- I have a sister named Jessica and that kind of comes to mind when I say Ithaca.

    MORE SUGGESTIONS WILL BE SO GREATLY APPRECIATED <3 I like Unusual, different, pretty and usable of course.
    TTC #1
    Hoping to have a little Ragazzo or Ragazza soon.

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