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Thread: Duncan

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    That's great insight, thank you.

    Problem is me, really. I love nicknames.

    Just saying that your brothers teammates call him "donut" pretty much is my worst fear realized and has really turned me off from it. Thank you for your insight, it is much appreciated!

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    Being from San Antonio (I don't think we have Dunkin Donuts), the first thing that comes to mind for me is Tim Duncan, the Spurs player. Duncan's also a fav of mine, as it's mature, distinguished, classic, and manly. I mean, I guess you could use Dan if you really wanted... also, if his mn started with a J, it could be D.J. I agree with previous posters that I really wouldn't shorten Duncan. Shortened versions don't really have the same kick. (No one in my nuclear family regularly goes by a nn...)
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    I would never have associated it with the doughnut shop. I like it, we have Scottish heritage in my husband's family so I've vaguely considered the name.
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    I love the name Duncan!!! I have a weakness for strong Scottish dudes. It's so ruggedly handsome. Wait til his class reads Macbeth...

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    I live on the East Coast and Duncan was high on my list, never once thought of the DD connection!

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