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    I made the mistake of telling my bestie my absolute favorite name for a girl and got a stunned "WTF" look. Naming is a personal thing for the couple, in my opinion...and while I don't like many of my friend's choices, I wouldn't feel right judging them for it, either. (as long as the name isn't so bad that it will likely scar the child for life...but that hasn't happened) Every time they don't choose a name that I like, it kind of leaves my favorite names on the list of possibilities because DH and I want to be unique

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    Quote Originally Posted by mnmemily15 View Post
    My childhood best friend was named Sativa and it means/relates to "Indian Princess" and it fit her so so well. She was a gorgeous, confident girl so I have nothing but positive feelings for the name itself. A lot of time she got called Tiva or Ti which was cute. I, at least think Sativa is wayyyy better than Keesha
    I think I have to disagree. Keesha is the winner between these 2 options. Sativa is also a species of cannabis, and that is the very first thing that would pop into most people's minds. When I was in college, an acquaintance of mine named her daughter Indica (the other common species). All I could ever think was "poor thing".
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    My cousins' young children are named...

    Angus and Elsa
    Amelia and Alex (currently expecting #3)
    Beatrice (currently expecting #2)
    Harrison, Joshua and Alexa

    My friends' children are named...

    Abbigail, Jhai and Paige
    Alexandra, Jemima and Charli
    Ava and Alex
    Elita and Talia
    James, Ashley, Lochlann and Cooper
    Jaxon, Jayden and Dylan
    Lachlan (very popular in Australia)
    Layla and Oscar
    Riley and Jack

    Not many of my friends have used unique spellings on their children, but I've been disappointed with their name choices pretty much every time! In fact, I can't even think of one friend whose naming choice I've been particularly impressed with! There was a recent Hermione, which I'd be more impressed with if it weren't for Harry Potter (and the mother is a HUGE Harry Potter fan). So I don't think that one really counts. Most of my friends have chosen very boring names such as Aidan and Emily. At the moment, two of my cousins are pregnant, so I'm hoping there'll be a good name announcement there. One of them already has a daughter named Beatrice, so I have high hopes for her!
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    Very few of my friends really have used names that I'd use for my children and there's a few I absolutely dislike, but only two are that disappointing.

    The first had the baby quite suddenly and seemed to spend all their time in hospital trying to whip their FB into a frenzy over the name reveal - like they were naming a Kardashian baby. After a week they revealed the name - first name was top 10 (in the trendy rather than classic way) and middle was that MN that literally every second child has. And they wondered why people were nonplussed.

    The second were a gorgeously creative couple who at last I heard were going to make an awesome word with initials. I knew their girls choice and, while not to my taste, it was totally them in terms of style and creativity. They ended up using again a mega-trendy unisex nicknamey name. The MN was more what I expected from them and would have been retro unique. And the initials didn't make a word!
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    Thankfully, most of my friends have non-offensive taste in names. A lot that are average or top 100, so not thrilling, but mostly in the Lucy, Emma, Eleanor, Joshua, Benjamin, Sophia, Isabella range that I consider classic but currently popular. A lot of Hope, Grace, various versions of Elena/Eliana/Aliana/Alliana...which are disappointingly popular but still not offensive to me.

    The only problem is that nameberry makes me more judgemental and picky. Before, I would have been thrilled that my friend just chose Adel@ide @nne for her I cringe a little because I know it's on a steep upswing, so I'm afraid it will be top 100 very soon and she doesn't know it. Or, another acquaintance named her girl Cl@ra J@ne, which I think is simple, classic, and lovely...but Clara is also on a uptrend that may make it top 100 or top 10 soon enough! Or, friends who have a H@dley (boy) and a Will0w--which I though were interesting and different when I first heard them 3-5 yrs ago, but now seem definitely trendy.

    Names of friends that I've been pleased with:
    a dear friend named her kids Tirz@h, Elli@na (Ellie), and Bo@z. I adore the slightly odd Biblical names, and am only a little disappointed that Ellie is so common in comparison. But it's cute, so I'm okay with it.
    Another friend just named her kid Nadi@ 1rene, which I was thrilled about. Her other two are M@lachi (Kai) and 0ri@na (Ori), which I don't personally prefer, but appreciate the style and uncommonness.

    But, I just had an acquaintance name her daughter Brynleigh. Oh, dear.
    And I do know a Jaxon, a Brooklyn, a Jada.
    Thankfully nothing more made-up or misspelt than those, that I can think of now!
    I had two cousins who named sons Liam within the same year...mostly was disappointed by the uncreativity of it, and the missed opportunity: we have no Irish heritage at all, but German and Ukrainian (on the one cousin's in law side), so something much more interesting and fitting could have been chosen.

    Also, I am obviously a selfish namer, because I'm more disappointed about hearing about an Isaiah or a Judah, two names I like but am afraid of rising popularity, more than hearing of Brynleigh.

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