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    I know someone who named her kids Tyler, Taylor and Tayden..... I don't even know how to react. Tyler and Taylor are so close in sound that it is almost impossible to distinguish them as she yells it across the playground. And Tayden??? As if Brayden, Hayden, Aiden, and Jayden and the other diminutives arent bad enough... Lets be "unique" and put a t in front. Ugh.
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    I have a friend called Annabel and I always expected her to choose something nice but she named her children Mayla, Tryden (goes by TJ though) & Rylie (b).
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    Brie and Belle (sisters).
    There are more but I don't want to say them!
    Two small people, Mila Arden and Cato Bennett.

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    Most of my friends aren't in the baby naming stages yet, but I've seen a few names pop up - the pretty popular Isabelle, Lily, Joshua but also a Tabitha, a Libby and a Lois. Nothing awfully misspelled from my own acuaintances, but I do see photos in my feed of friends with other peoples' babies and some of them are a bit more out there. I'm not really around any of these babies, but I'd prefer to see a Joshua than a Jaidyn. Though each to their own style, I guess, and from a selfish point of view, as long as nobody I'm really close to uses my favourites before I get a chance to, I can cope

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    A friend of mine recently had a Jor-ja (hyphen not present in actual name). Why not Georgia?? So disappointing.

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