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    I did the same thing with two cousins of mine. One picked a very trendy unisex name with an occupational middle for her son which was made worse by the fact that her first son has a great name (Tristan) and a middle name that reflects his Chinese heritage. The sibling of this cousin did not disappoint with either child. Both his son and daughter have amazing vintage-y names.
    Another disappointment was a cousin who had picked Bradley Morgan for a son and it was wonderful even if she was using her middle name as her son's. Instead she had a daughter with a Top 10, maybe Top 5 name and she used her first name as her daughter's middle.
    There was so much naming potential and it was wasted.

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    While one of my friends was pregnant with her daughter she told me she was naming her Emma, a little popular for my tastes but a nice, solid name. Instead she named her Rainlee Sophia called Rainie which was a little surprising since her two other kids have real names (Nathan and Jade).

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    Odd girl out: I know a lot of people love these but I will be disappointed if some friends of mine name their daughter Ruth or Dorothy. I don't funky spellings, but I like Elena.

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    Regarding family...

    Two of my nieces have very different spellings of 'normal' names (One spelling was taken after a singer. The other I think her father spelled it without the consent of my sister, not 100% sure.). The other four each have a 'y' instead of the original 'i'. A nameberry no-no. However, I think they have become a bit more accustomed among others given their age and other spellings now. I know some Berries, don't like it either way, but I am fine with it.

    I was disappointed with a name I gave my niece, but that was mostly when she was older and I started looking around name sites. It also didn't click at first that she shared the same ending -son as one of her older sisters. I think most of my regret came from reading such negativity from forums or articles based on the name.

    I was in a panic for a name, because my grandmother had called to tell us my sister just had her fourth daughter, and asked what we should name her. They acted as if she needed it right that instant. The only name that flashed at the time was the name of my millennium, Cabbage Patch doll and my middle name. Even I have problems with mines because the spelling is the same as a Spanish word with out the accent marks, yet pronounced differently.

    Any who, a couple of years ago, I asked her is she disliked her name. She told me she loved her name and didn't care what other people thought about it. It was hers and she can make it shine.

    So, after that, the brief regret was gone. If she is happy with it, then so am I.

    Now that I am a better name nerd, well, somewhat better. If someone calls me like that again, hopefully, I can offer a better name suggestion.

    People on facebook...

    I have yet to really see a name I like. I noticed most them gave their children, names that we grew up with...mostly around the 80's and early 90's. Am.ber, Bran.don, Ash.ley, Tiff.a.ny, etc. A couple named their children ending in -ia. Kia, Gia, Tia, etc... A handful of juniors (even a third)--blah. Also biblical names, such as, Gid.eon, etc.

    Recently, a high school acquaintance, named her son, I thought it was a nickname or something. But, it was officially

    Overall, each to their own, I am positive no one will like my taste in names, but I am fine with that. I had to learn that every one taste is different and why should I be unhappy with a name just because its in the norm. I like to get opinions and ideas on names on nameberry, but if I love the name no matter how negative or strong the opinion is, I will go with what I will be happy to call and believe what will fit my child.
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    I've some "oh, that's.... nice?" reactions to friends and family's choices but nothing like Mykynleigh. I'm not sure I'd be able to stay polite if I was caught off guard with that. On the other hand, I'd rather have a McKinley that have someone "use up" a name I adore. Because I am a selfish namer, apparently.
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