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    I have friends that have kids that range from the mundane... Benj@min, J@cob, L!lly, Emm@, etc. My sister has a M@tt and K@tie and BIL has an Alex@nder. All fine names, but bore me a bit.

    to the less common... Zeþhyr, Sil@s, 0rion, Estell@ (I usually love these.)

    to the names that are straight out of ads or pop culture... Arm@ni, R!ven, L!nk (and I can't help but roll my eyes a little)
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeska View Post
    A friend of mine recently had a Jor-ja (hyphen not present in actual name). Why not Georgia?? So disappointing.
    Jorja is pretty common in Australia it got as high as 93 in 2008. Think thats bad try: Jeorja, Jeorgia, Jeorga and Jorjia.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ruolan View Post
    I thought of this thread when a friend told me what she's intending to name her baby girl. She changed her mind from Kee$ha to $ativa. My first (brief) thought was that it was an improvement, but no, second thought banished all hope.
    My childhood best friend was named Sativa and it means/relates to "Indian Princess" and it fit her so so well. She was a gorgeous, confident girl so I have nothing but positive feelings for the name itself. A lot of time she got called Tiva or Ti which was cute. I, at least think Sativa is wayyyy better than Keesha
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    A name that I see a LOT is Amelia. So obviously overused yet the parents either don't see this or don't care, apparently.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sdsurfmama View Post
    A friend is about to name her son Jaxon. I am a huge fan of Jack, and I can handle Jackson, but........Jaxon?? Why?
    I laughed at this. My brother is named Jaxon... Jackson is a family name, and I think my parents' justification for the x was that they didn't want him to be called Jack. We call him Jax... I've grown up with him, so it doesn't seem unusual to me, but I can see why it would seem odd to others..
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