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    I know someone who named her son Cohen, which I like the sound of, but I understand it means "priest" in Hebrew and could be very offensive on religious grounds. I also know a few Jaydens and Aidens (of various spellings) and Jacksons (also Jaxon), and I've been pretty disappointed, not only in the spellings/trendiness but just the lack of variation, especially since I don't know many people my age with daughters. However, two Facebook friends recently gave birth, both had girls, and I was so pleased: Eleanor and Ruby Dawn.

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    One of my closest friends called her son K@os C0lin (no @ or 0 just avoiding google). Like Chaos but spelt wrong.... I just don't know where to start... She is planning on called her second son $unny Jack. The least she could do is spell it Sonny! But what can you do.......

    That being said I'm sure she thinks my choices for our August baby are crazy too...
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    Oh dear, the name Chaos (and its many horrible variant spellings) seems to be getting so popular! I've mentioned this elsewhere on the boards, but i genuinely know of kids named Chaos, Rage, Riot, Trigger, etc. Why not just name them Prison Inmate or Registered Sex-Offender?! You cannot possibly name a child Chaos and have high hopes for them to become a productive member of society
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    My friends/acquaintances (I don't have many friends with babies at this point!) are using very classic and sometimes trendy names. They're all properly spelled and perfectly nice - as a name nerd, I just feel a little pang of disappointment as I hear of another Emily etc. I know a young Olivia, two Hannah's, a Sophie and Sophia, two Madeline's, Lucy, Chloe etc as well as Matthew, Joel, Thomas, Benjamin, William, Oliver, Noah etc

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    None of my friends have kids, but I find my cousins naming choices disappointing (though they're definitely not as bad as Presleigh, Bentlee and Macklee.) They're all very intelligent people who travel and have ties to different heritages (some cousins are half Portuguese, quarter German, 1/8 Filipino, and 1/8 Chinese, others are half Portuguese, half Japanese) but they pick very run of the mill names. One cousin has three children, Lauralie, Micah, and Ryan. Their middle names are the same boring fillers. My other cousin has two boys, Luke and Ethan, but their middle names are Japanese. The only cousin who hasn't been reeeaaally disappointing was my cousin Natalie, whose daughter is Eliana (with a Japanese middle.)
    But I'm also secretly glad that they chose names like Lauralie and Ethan, because my favorite names aren't being used.

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