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    I was so happy to learn that a girl I used to babysit named her daughter Alison. I found it to be such a refreshing choice...until I saw the way that she butchered the spelling in an attempt to be unique! Something like Allysyn or Aleesyn? I don't remember the specifics...I'm trying to block it out!

    Aside from that moment of getting my hopes up I am usually not too surprised at the people in my life that pick underwhelming or misspelled names. Underwhelming doesn't bother me (the dozens of Chloes & Emmas & Jakes & Logans are fine) but the misspelled ones kind of hurt my feelings!!!

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    I thought of this thread when a friend told me what she's intending to name her baby girl. She changed her mind from Kee$ha to $ativa. My first (brief) thought was that it was an improvement, but no, second thought banished all hope.

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    I went to school with a girl who was very into Old Norse/Icelandic sagas. She had a son and named him something that was very, very trendy/popular in the '80s and '90s. And he was born a few years ago. I was surprised, to say the least.

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    My friend told me if she has a daughter in the future, she's going to name her Sapphirina Rebecca. I don't mind Rebecca but... Sapphirina?
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    I have a friend that named her daughter Aubrielle... I hate this name... I have nothing nice to say about it

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