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    Alas, I worry that my sister will be a disappointing namer. She loves two names which I suggested to her.. Athena and Alaric. I think they're fantastic and so does she however she is torn about Athena as she apparently wants to name her daughter "Baiya" as in the Spanish way to prn Bella but with an unfortunately painful kre8yve spelling. I will love my niece regardless but it will be hard to give up Athena if she goes with Baiya.

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    Most of my friends pick great names but some I do wonder if they ever said it aloud with their last name.

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    A LOT of my friends have decided on very weird and trendy names for their kids.

    My friend Sara named her son Kahmari Princeton (I might add that the kid is white)

    My friend Jessica has a son named Declan (great name) and is currently pregnant with a girl she is naming Deslynn. A.) Sounds WAY too made up B.) I'm not a fan of rhyming names on siblings.

    My friend Holly named her son Jordyn Wesley. I like both of these names, but why couldn't she have just spelled "Jordan" the regular way? They "Y" makes his first name look feminine.

    My friend Ashley named her son Keylan and her daughter Kaizlee. Don't even get me started on Kaizlee.

    Lastly, my cousin had a baby boy recently and named him Jaxon. I HATE cutesie spellings on names. I'm not a fan of Jackson to begin with because it's so popular, but this spelling makes it worse. Jackson is still Jackson no matter how you spell it.

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