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    Trying to decide on girl's name

    Hi everyone!

    My husband and I are probably going to start ttc in the next year, so we have been discussing baby names. We have the boy name picked out: Declan Leighton (Leighton is a family name, pronounced 'Lay-ton'). But, we are having trouble agreeing on/finding a girl name that we both like. We really want to use his mom's middle name somehow (Elaine). I want a name that is not very popular, but that is not too 'out there' either. We live in the southern US, so I am afraid that some of the names I like will be mispronounced or spelled incorrectly, etc.
    Our last name is really long, starts with a V and ends in a Y.

    Here is what we have liked so far:

    Violet Elaine
    Elena Catherine
    Aurelia Elaine (pronunciation nightmare in the south?)
    Catherine Elaine (However, I hate the nicknames for this name, it would be Catherine only)
    Charlotte Elaine

    We both really like Elena (e-lane-ah), but my niece's name is Delana (Duh-lane-ah). I've also read a lot on how this name is pronounced and spelled so many different ways...

    Other names that have caught my eye include:
    Emmaline (While Emma is a lovely name, it is SO popular that I would never use it, but I don't hate this name...)

    Does anyone have any suggestions??

    Thanks in advance!!

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