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    Trying to decide on girl's name

    Hi everyone!

    My husband and I are probably going to start ttc in the next year, so we have been discussing baby names. We have the boy name picked out: Declan Leighton (Leighton is a family name, pronounced 'Lay-ton'). But, we are having trouble agreeing on/finding a girl name that we both like. We really want to use his mom's middle name somehow (Elaine). I want a name that is not very popular, but that is not too 'out there' either. We live in the southern US, so I am afraid that some of the names I like will be mispronounced or spelled incorrectly, etc.
    Our last name is really long, starts with a V and ends in a Y.

    Here is what we have liked so far:

    Violet Elaine
    Elena Catherine
    Aurelia Elaine (pronunciation nightmare in the south?)
    Catherine Elaine (However, I hate the nicknames for this name, it would be Catherine only)
    Charlotte Elaine

    We both really like Elena (e-lane-ah), but my niece's name is Delana (Duh-lane-ah). I've also read a lot on how this name is pronounced and spelled so many different ways...

    Other names that have caught my eye include:
    Emmaline (While Emma is a lovely name, it is SO popular that I would never use it, but I don't hate this name...)

    Does anyone have any suggestions??

    Thanks in advance!!

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    I really love Violet Elaine, and Catherine Elaine is lovely too. I like the idea of an alliterative last name with Violet as well, especially one that is long and interesting.
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    Thank you for replying shieldsc!

    Violet Elaine is the one that feels most like 'my daughter' to me and my husband likes it, but doesn't love it, so I am just trying to see if we can find something we both love but, if I had to decide today, that would be my pick too. Although, I do worry about its rising popularity?

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    Firstly, I say I would pronounce Elena as "a-len-uh". One of my very close people is named this and I love her name.
    Elena Catherine is so beautiful and feminine, my absolute favorite from your list. I am not crazy about Aurelia though I can pronounce it, Charlotte is really popular and don't recommend to use Catherine(she will almost for sure get a nickname in school when people will feel lazy to pronounce her full name even if you don't like her to have one) or Violet(it has lost almost all its vintage gem appeal after being used by Ben Afflec(sp?) and if your last name starts with V, she will be Violet V). From your other choices I like Emeline(spelled this way) and Emilia(again, this spelling). How do you feel about Amelie, Amelia, Amalia, Amabel, Mabel, Evelyn?
    If you would like to honor Elaine, what about Eleni, Alina, Helene, Eleanor, Elle or Leonie? They all have either similar sound or spelling.

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    I think Violet is lovely and Emaline has a nice sound to it as well. I prefer Emelia to Amelia.
    What about Eleanor/a/?

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