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Thread: Mabel?

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    Mabel is precious! I am a huge lover of vintage names and Mabel is perfectly fine with peers named Hazel, Oscar, Harriet, Archibald, Rosamund...I think of Gone With The Wind character(however, I think it was spelled Maybelle there) and she was described as a very attractive girl.
    I find both your names beautiful and there is nothing wrong with Mabel. It's so pretty and with names like Isabel and Arabella getting a lot of love it won't sound odd but stand out in a good way.
    I was in the similar situation: my daughter's name is Cornelia and before she was born I sometimes got not very good feedback about the name. And also my boyfriend's relative said she didn't find Cornelia usable. But we used it anyway and now almost every time a stranger in a park asks her name, we get a lot of compliments. And what's more important, both me and my SO are completely in love with her name and it fits her perfect.
    Mabel Adeline Alice is a gorgeous name(my daughter also has two middle names and I think it's not only meaningful but pretty sounding too). Don't worry about it, it's just crazy pregnancy hormones. I used to be very nervous about the name but now I see the most important thing is you to adore it. Use the name you love and you won't get wrong.

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    I would have said the same thing about Mabel and Hazel as you did.
    It's a classy and beautiful name and if you love it you shouldn't let your friends distaste for it influence you. (Your not naming your child something odd and out there like #). Also what's awesome about your friend not loving the name as much as you do is that it is perfect for your family and your child and you will never have to worry about her feeling like you "stole" her name or wanting to give the name to her future daughter.

    I actually love that her initials will be MAB/MAAB. Reminds me of Queen Mab which is a big plus point in my book.
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    Whew! Thank you for your opinions. I think I need to learn to not worry so muc. Haha.

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    I really love Mabel! Mabel Adeline is so sweet.
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    I love Mabel Adeline! I don't think you should use Mabel Adeline Alice though- it seems like a mouthful and then u can save Alice as a middle name for any future daughters you have. I wouldn't worry about the last name to much either. Most people will call her Mabel or Mrs. Barch or something like that. Her full name will most likely only be used in school and when she's in trouble.

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