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Thread: Mabel?

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    I’m wondering what everyone thinks of the name Mabel.* I find it to be sweet and spunky, and similar enough to Hazel to feel familiar to people.* However, now that we are getting closer to having to choose a name for our little one, I find myself being nervous of our choice.* We’re not discussing names with friends and family now that we’re expecting but I have, in the past, mentioned Mabel to a friend.* Her gut-reaction disgusted look has been sticking in my brain.* Will everyone have this reaction as they look at my precious baby?* I know that we will never please everyone with our choice, but it pains me to think everyone will be disgusted by it.* I don’t want to saddle my child with a name that everyone else sees as awful.


    Our last name rhymes with “March”, but starts with a B.* I’m also not sure if the double b sounds will be a problem.* I’d really appreciate any honest feedback you could give me.


    We’re not completely settled on middle name, but it will either be:Mabel Adeline “Barch”


    Mabel Adeline Alice “Barch”


    The middle names are set, we’re just deciding on one or two names.* They are our grandmothers, so they are very important to keep.


    Thanks so much, Berries!


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    I don't think there is anything wrong with Mabel, it is personally NMS though. I prefer the name Maple for something similar.
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    Mabel is a perfectly fine name. If YOU love it then you should name your daughter that.

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    I like it . A friend of a friend recently named their baby this. I think it's lovely and to be honest, even if people do react badly what is important is that you love it. It is better to have a name you adore and other people think is a strange choice than to settle for a name to please others (believe me, I know about this) People will start to associate the name with your child soon enough, it will grow on them and those reactions will fade. After all , Mabel is actually a beautiful name with a lovely sound, great meaning and history. The only negative reactions will be because of past associations, probably in this case , that the name is old fashioned ( not that it is made up or awful or reminds them of some terrible tragedy) . But names like Grace and Sophia were seen as old fashioned not so long ago weren't they? For me , Mabel conjures up images of flowers and cheeky nymphs and the wonderful rambling 'Queen Mab' speech of Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet. So, um ...I think it's an awesome name

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    I think Mabel is adorable.

    However, for some reason, when I say Mabel "Barch", it makes me think of Marble Arch (a tourist attraction in London). I am rather odd though!
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