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    Thanks for the feedback so far! I'm feeling better about it
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    I have to say that I agree with him! I love Penelope Payne-Wardle and Penny Lane is a clever little nn.

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    Penelope Lila is divine!

    I wouldn't worry about the last name - it is fine.

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    I had initially voted for Beatrix in your previous poll, but I think Penelope is just as sweet. The alliteration does not bother me at all. I actually think it makes her name more memorable. I think you guys have found your name!
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    I also love alliterations in names as well. I think it makes it more striking. My soon to be last name starts with a C and i love how other C names really pop with the alliteration. The only time i don't like repetition is when its the end of the name e.g Billy Crossley but Conrad Crossley rocks!

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