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  • Penelope

    13 36.11%
  • Audrey

    9 25.00%
  • Esmé

    8 22.22%
  • Ruby

    11 30.56%
  • Arabella

    9 25.00%
  • Maisie

    2 5.56%
  • Daphne

    13 36.11%
  • Emery

    1 2.78%
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    3 weeks left! Finally narrowed FNs down!

    Through much deliberation, we have finally come up with a short list of names that the DH and I both like! Obviously some of my favorites were squashed, but at least there's something we agree on! I'm looking for thoughts on the list and possible middle name suggestions for them. I have a 2.5 yr old named Oliver Rex. I was hoping for a possible cool, maybe spunky, quirky MN for our new daughter (not too frilly as a whole) and I do love nature names, vintage names, and literary connections. Some of our top names are quite popular, I've grappled with it already but some of them I've loved for so long I simply can't part. I live in NJ so none of them are terribly popular in the NYC suburbs.

    Penelope- my personal favorite
    Esmé- is maisie a far stretch for a nickname? I have a new love for this name
    Maisie- I love it but I have trouble seeing it on a future resume.. Very nicknamy
    Arabella- DH loves this, I suggested it but it seems too frilly for me

    Would love thoughts and middle name suggestions. I know the list reflects some different styles... It's more of a compilation b/w my husband and I. Thanks berries!
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    Maggie Rae

    Oliver Rex
    Penelope Layla
    Alice Magnolia

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