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Thread: Lilac

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    I agree that if you are not around your cousin a lot, then it would be fine.

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    I love Lilac as a name, so sweet! But agree with others if this is a cousin your baby will grow up around, then it might be too similar! But if it's a cousin you don't see a whole lot then I don';t see the big deal. But on the other side, your cousin might be honoured that you sort of named your daughter after her. Even if not entirely true, might make some people feel good! So could go either way. No matter what, beautiful name! It just so soft and sweet..also love that it has personal meaning for you.
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    I say Lie-lack and am in NYC area. I think it's such a great name and even though it sounds similar to Lila it is so distinct. Maybe Lola? I wouldn't even shorten it as it's so nice. You could probably use Lee. Or do a double name and make a nickname out of those. I put some examples below cause I don't know if I'm explaining it very well!

    Lilac Grace = Lacey / Lace
    Lilac Elaine = Lane / Laney
    Lilac Olivia = Lolly
    Lilac Rachel = Lira / Lyric
    Lilac Noelle = Lina / Lena

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