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    Rufus's nickname

    Hello all.

    Our baby is due in five days and we don't know if it's a boy or a girl. If boy we are planning to name him Gus Levi. We love it and are quite content. However, my grandfather's name was Rufus and I have a niggling feeling that it would be wonderful to name after him. Especially since the name Gus isn't really after anyone. Is there any way Gus could be justified as a nn for Rufus? They are so similar in sound but I think it's too much of a stretch, I'm hoping someone will disagree! Are there any other good nicknames for Rufus that might satisfy the love of Gus? The only one I can think of is Russ and I'm not fond of it. What would some Rufus nicknames be? Rufie?


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    You could call him Rue. Rufie is obviously not the greatest nn since it sounds like the date rape drug. Gus is not an inherent nn for Rufus, but I don't see why you can't use it. I don't think that Gus is too much of a stretch. Besides people go by nicknames all the time that don't sound close to their full names ie John nn Jack or Henry nn Hank. You could also try picking a middle name that started with the letter "G" if you are really worried about people questioning the nickname Gus: Rufus Graham, Rufus Grant, or Rufus George with nn Gus?

    That being said, I think Gus is a fine nn for Rufus. Besides the name has significance to you and your family so it might be a better choice.
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