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Thread: Girl Name Help

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    Girl Name Help

    I'm having a hard time coming up with a girl first name that goes with our middle and last names. We're looking for something more along the classic/traditional line.

    Middle name is Pearl. Normally I wouldn't have considered it, but I recently found out it was my husband's grandmother's name. It also happens to be my grandmother's middle name. I think it will be an awesome way to honor those two who were great influences in our lives.

    Last name is pronounced Bowl, but spelled differently. I also have issues with this as a lot names seem to sound odd with it. And obviously I will not be using Rose, Crystal, etc. I also feel like I have a hard time enunciating words to be correctly & easily understood.

    My husband suggested Julia the other day. I like the name, but I'm not sure it would go with our other names. Any suggestions?

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    That's a lil bit tough. I do like Julia. How about:




    Madeline Pearl sounds pretty to me and sounds fine with Bowl/Bowel type sound.

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    I love Julia Pearl! You have had so many great suggestions. I like:

    Madeline Pearl
    Clara Pearl
    Eliza Pearl
    Amelia Pearl

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