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    Welcome baby boy Eli Mika (Mee-ka)

    After a long, long wait we're thrilled to announce the birth of our first son, Eli Mika (Mee-ka). Family will call him Mika following family tradition of going by a middle name, but having a more formal school and "resume" name.

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    Congratulations. How did you select his name?
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    We came up with Mika first. We saw it in a baby book as a gender neutral/girls name and initially disregarded it but we kept coming back to it - I've always liked the sound of more feminine-sounding boy names (like Mischa and Elliot) but I just couldn't commit to it as a first name. It's actually used as a boy's name in many countries, girl's name in Japan, etc. - lots of meanings and flexibility. Luckily I love Eli as a simple first-name compromise. Last name begins with "K" so some nice alliteration there
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    Congrats to you on the safe arrival of your son, Eli Mika. I like the combo you chose.
    All the best,

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    Congratulations! Eli Mika is a lovely name.

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