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Thread: Declan or Owen?

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    I love both. I do see Declan as becoming slightly trendy only because it is less common, and everyone wants to be different! But I don't think it's there yet. To tell the truth, when I first came across the name Declan years ago I thought it was awful and I didnt understand that sound and that spelling being attractive as a name. It's hard for me to imagine that now as I have since fallen in love with it.... maybe not love, but intrigue. I do think Owen is nicer sounding and looking though. I stare at the simplicity of those 4 letters every day and love it more and more (it's my son's name). And I prefer Owen Christopher to Declan Christopher. I don't love the two hard C sounds in a row.
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    My first instinct is Owen and Ava. Both very simple, elemental names, nice open sounds.
    Declan and Ava might be a bit more "of 2013" in twenty years, but I wouldn't call Declan trendy.

    I like that Declan and Ava are both sort of number names. Ava is 1 to me, because Eve was the first woman. Declan is ten because it contains "dec." If you have a third, you could do a name that jumps another decimal... Cenric or Hunter for 100. Or maybe just another number name... Quentin or Quintus? Septima?

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