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    My almost 3 year old daughter's name is Delilah! She is strawberry blonde and blue eyed and her name fits her perfectly! She is beautiful, sassy and just has a great personality! I am glad we chose it for her I think it's a beautiful name and everyone says it's a beautiful name! Just go with your gut feeling! I did! Lilah was almost a Savannah....that wouldn't fit her at all!!!

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    I have to say my memory of the Jezebel story is hazy to say the least though I knew Jezebel the online magazine had named itself in her honour. I suppose in a Lilith sort of a way. I will go have another look at her in the Bible. Interesting.

    Sad her name is almost a noun for decadent loose-living woman. Needs reclaiming! Though I am only bold enough for Delilah right now.

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    I think Delilah Lark is a beautiful name.

    Over 2,000 girls were given the name Delilah in the US last year, meaning that girls with all types of personalities can pull it off. This popularity also means that if people take issue with the name on religious grounds, they are going to have to get over it. It is fully incorporated into mainstream society in North America, though still not overly popular.

    Choose back-up names if that makes you feel more comfortable, but I think you have chosen a real winner. Good luck

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    I think while Delilah is a little bit "specific", VERY feminine, girly, and a strong name, I think you should use it anyway. It could fit a lot of different personas, but not all, and lots of names are like that.

    It also has tons of nickname potential. Dee, Della, Lila, she could even use Lil, Lily, or Lia.
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    I picture a dark haired beauty, that being said... I think Delilah has plenty of nickname options for your daughter to pick that she would love it no matter what her personality (from Lila to Delia to Del or even Della). If you aren't quite sure though there is no harm in having a backup name for when you meet her!

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