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    I think of the bible story too, but I like Delilah. She was cool, but I also like Jezebel and Vashti, and Lilith even though she of course isn't really in there. I like women who think for themselves and don't do things just to please a man.
    To the name, it's too frilly for me, but I do like it. It's very pretty. I think you need a special kind of girl to pull it off bough, so I'd have some other names just in case.
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    Quote Originally Posted by millienow2011 View Post
    I know you said you don't care about the biblical connotations but that for me is what springs to mind. It is a name that carries a lot of history and for me negative connotations. For that reason I think I would take a very specific kind of girl to carry it off. Although, like you said that would be hard to know from birth.
    Agreed. That's really all I can think of. And for me, I can't really imagine a Delilah that can wear it well, that makes it a cool and spunky and pretty name, because the Bible story is literally all I think of. I know a Delilah--she's in her 80s, I think--who goes to my church, and she just doesn't seem like a Delilah to me.

    It's one of those names I never suggest, because I just can't get past my religious hang-ups, but yes, I do think it's wise to have a back-up, just in case. I think I would have HATED being a Delilah--not just because of the religious ties, but because I'm a really shy person and I never could have dealt with being a Delilah. Regardless, I think it's good to have a back-up for any child, even if the name's as tame as Jacob or Anna.
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    I think Delilah is gorgeous. The Bible character used to bother me but now I don't care.

    Delilah Lark is a bit L heavy

    I always picture Delilah as having long, very dark hair and medium to dark skin. I also think of Delilah as a sultry, confident woman. I've only known one Delilah and she was a quiet, pale-skinned, blue-eyed blonde. Her name just seemed wrong on her. But I don't picture anything for Lila, if that's the nn she'll be going by. I think any look/personality works with Lila

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    I think it is ok. I also think of the biblical association, but stronger in my mind is a mean teacher I had named Delilah. However, I would love to meet a sweet little Delilah. I think Iris is stunning!

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    I think Delilah does need a certain kind of girl to pull it off. I definitely picture a confident, fun-loving pretty girl. Plus, she may need some sass to deal with people's attitudes about the biblical connection (which doesn't bother me in the slightest; I see it only as a part of a story that reflects misogyny. It does reinforce the sultry, confident image though). However, I can imagine Lilah or Dilly on someone quieter. However, I have difficulty seeing a Delilah, Lilah or Dilly etc being a CEO, doctor or potician; I'm not sure it's a name for a serious girl.

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