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    I would think of 'Hey There Delilah' by Plain White T's.
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    Being religious, I can not get past the Bible story....I mean the actual sound of the name is fine... It is always good to have a back-up.....
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    I also think of the Bible story - but I think people would get past it as they got to know your little girl.
    I do agree that some names don't suit certain babies, call me crazy, but as soon as I saw our second ultrasound for our little girl, I knew we had to go back to the drawing board! (Working on that now!)
    I picture a Delilah (nn Lila?) as being very confident and fearless. Possibly a bit loud with lots of attitude and a definite sense of her style.

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    Thanks so much everyone.

    I think I agree with you all re the type of girl who could pull off Delilah but I think that's a risk I'll take. But I'll have another name in my hat in case it just strikes me as wrong when she's here. Possibly I should find another middle name rather than Lark. Because if she does turn out to be a serious type we could always use the middle name - and Lark has happy, free, confident associations too.

    Oh dear - Iris Elizabeth (first daughter's name) was so much less problematic. But I LOVE Delilah and fought hard for it the first time round too.

    I live in England which is far less Christian than America so possibly for us the name doesn't have the strength of biblical connection it does in the States. I'm from a Jewish/Catholic background but am agnostic at best so the religious angle doesn't bother me personally. Husband nominally Catholic but similarly unbothered by the name.

    Actually I find Delilah's story interestingly ambiguous. The story is told in the Old Testament and thus by the Jewish people but we might have a different opinion of her were we reading the Philistine version of events... Though her name is Hebrew (night to Samson's day - sounds like poetic license), the bible doesn't state that she's Jewish (and for what it is worth she's not the prostitute that Samson visits earlier in the story - that's almost certainly a different woman) so if a Philistine is she actually not just the equivalent of a spy for her own people? I know that's all morally ambiguous but we don't know why she does what she does - the Bible does not tell us. I could definitely see a case for her as a heroine with the right backstory! There's a lot of fairly bad behaviour in the Old Testament and I'm fairly sure Delilah's is not the worst of it!

    I don't think she's as beyond the pale as the immediate image of Jezebel or Salome - the other two Biblical bad girls.

    Once again, thank you!

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    Delilah is a spy yes, that's how I've always viewed it. The victor writes history, or whatever this is, and men (not saying all, but a large portion) have always (or in modern times) liked to attribute the evils of the world to women. Delilah was clever and resourceful, with a lovely name too.
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