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    Let's talk about Moses...

    Even though I'm no where near having kids, I've recently fallen hard for the name Moses. Now I spend my days in a name-loving-induced stupor (don't lie, you all know what I'm talking about), thinking about the possibility of having a little Moses, coming up with millions of different middle name combinations, wondering what I would name his siblings, etc. But one question keeps popping up in my mind: is Moses even usable?

    I live in the south eastern USA where Moses is still thought of as just an old man and a Bible character (not gonna lie, I think the biblical Moses was awesome, and it is part of the reason I love the name so much) - but can I, a lowly youth worker, pull off a name that even Gwyneth Paltrow got knocked for? And even worse, are people going to think I...*gulp*...stole a celebrity name? The horror.

    So berries, let's talk about this for just a second: do you think I will one day be able to use my beloved Moses, or should I set it on the back burner?

    And just for fun (because who doesn't love hypotheticals?!), let's imagine that I do name my son Moses in the future. What would his middle name be? What would I name his siblings?

    Just to get an idea of my taste - which normally changes by the day - here are some of the ideas I've had already:

    For middle names...

    Moses Burch (my grandfather's middle name)
    Moses Charles (my grandfather's first name, and a long standing family name)

    Names I love...

    Boys: Moses, Bodhi, Solomon, Finn, Levi, Boone (mn only), Beau, Abraham, Leo, Sam (Samuel), Oscar, Theo, Boaz, Amos

    Girls: Maggie (short for....something), Isla, Rose/Rosie, India, Mae, Sophie, Anna/Annie, Shiloh (in my defense: no Brad & Angie connection here! Shiloh is the name of the beautiful pre-Civil War era church my grandfather pastored for over 40 years, and it is the place where my boyfriend and I plan to tie the knot next summer)

    Let me hear some of your ideas!
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    I know a Moses; he's my friend's father. That being said, no, I don't see it as a dad's name at the moment, it's now old man but possibly fresh on a baby. I think with the middle name, Moses will have a name other kids with envy.

    I think Moses needs a more 'fun' middle name, possibly something more unusual and less classic to balance out the old man vibes of Moses.

    Of your two middle name options, I like Moses Charles the best, but I'm not sure if the flow is right; both names are 2 syllables and both end with a 's'. Also, I think that the two names together are old man overkill (yes, I see Charles as an old man name too).

    Moses Orion
    Moses Evander
    Moses Blaise (pronounced blaze)
    Moses Quinn
    Moses Zane
    Moses Rowan
    Moses Oak
    Moses Elm
    Moses River (too much reference? lol)
    Moses Flynn
    Moses Xander
    Moses Leopold

    Ian Moses
    Nico Moses

    I like a lot of your sibling possibilities with Moses, the only problem I have is some of those names also have very strong Biblical connections, so something like Moses, Solomon, and Oscar would look a little odd. However, this wouldn't be a problem if all of the names in a sibset were strong Bible names . The only name I really and not a fan of is India; way too much controversy surrounding it.

    Moses, Solomon, and Mary (a middle name starting with a G would give you the nickname Maggie )
    Moses, Beau, and Rose
    Moses, Oscar, and Isla
    Moses, Bodhi, and Shiloh
    Moses, Anna, and Sophie
    Moses, Magnolia (Maggie), and Maeve (only because Mae looks a little plain next to Magnolia).
    Moses, Finn, and Levi
    Moses, Theo, and Beau

    Other names:


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