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    Honestly, I can't make myself love Cecily because of the meaning. But if you don't care, Mila and Cecily sound lovely together.For a boy Atlas, Walter, Birch, Felix or Kai would be great.

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    Mm, yes that does put a bit of a dampener on my enthusiasm for it. But I am more interested in sound tbh than meaning. Birch is a lovely suggestion, thank you.
    Kai is out as we are from New Zealand and Kai means "food" in Maori - I know I said meanings don't matter much but it's a commonly used word there.
    Two small people, Mila Arden and Cato Bennett.

    If I had a baby tomorrow...
    Atlas Adair or Lyra Sylvie

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    I like Atlas and Pascoe with Mila. i like Bay (allthough in NZ I would of thought Bay might have issues because of all the Bay place names (bay of plenty etc).
    Alpheus, Bram, North and March are others I thought you may like.
    Mila arden and:
    Atlas Grey
    Pascoe Reed
    March Stellan
    Fintan Bay (don't love Fintan but I think it does work with Mila).

    I love all your girls names. Every single one is beautiful. (I toyed with Alouette but wasnt brave enough, and I still would love an Elodie Rosamay)
    I think with Mila and Elodie or Delphine work the best.
    Elodie Wren
    Delphine Lyric?
    Goodluck... We're tcc #2 too.

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    Mila and Fintan is my favorite from your boy's names. I know a Fintan and I think it is a great name.

    These probably aren't unusual anough for you, but I also like:

    Mila and Jasper
    Mila and Jude
    Mila and Max
    Mila and Everett
    Calla Frances | Eliza Wren | Esme Clover | Liv Cordelia | Maisie Elowen | Matilda Hazel | Phoebe Kerensa | Sylvie Marigold | Thea Rosemary | Zara Emmeline
    Amias Jude | Callum Jasper | Cato Benjamin | Emmett Wilder | Griffin Emrys | Lucian Mateo | Milo Sebastian | Nathaniel Winter | Quentin Rafferty | Theo Francis Wolf

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    Hi Milasmama

    Sorry this is off topic - but we are considering the name Mila and I was just wondering how you have found this name to be with your daughter? Do you get any problems with pronounciation etc? We would pronounce Mee-la, is that how your pronounce your little girls name?

    Regarding your question, I like Mila and Elodie, but Cecily is also nice.

    Good luck!

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