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    Thanks for that incredibly informative comment! That is really interesting about FETs becoming more common, and it makes a lot of sense to me that it would be better to allow the woman's body to recover from the egg retrieval process. And retrieving fewer, higher quality eggs seems like a better strategy as well. We watched my husband's sisters go through IVF- they tried it on L unsuccessfully w. several fresh and then some frozen cycles, then on J (as L's gestational surrogate) w. several frozen cycles before conceiving healthy twins. It was definitely easier on J than L.

    I was pretty young (I quit all of the fertility clinic stuff before I turned 30) when we were going through all of this, so that might explain the high estimate. Well, I did not feel young, but they kept telling me that I was very young and that I would probably conceive on my own, since our infertility is unexplained. For us, they said that since we had already been trying for a few years, and we had failed all of their other options and that IVF might work or if it didn't work, it might give us the answers as to why we weren't able to conceive. Maybe your 26 year old was in a similar situation?

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    I have never had the need to use medical science to get pregnant, or, stay pregnant with any of my children. So it is easy for one to say "I would certainly not do this" or "I certainly would" when they have never been faced with years of ttc, heartbreaking mc and then find out that for whatever reason they are pregnant with 4-5-6 children at once. I however know how precious life is as a mother of 5 living children and also having held a 21 week stillborn in my own hands, and its hard since sacrificing one or more child could very well give you one or two healthy babies, but, not doing so could give you 4-5-6 perfectly healthy babies or babies with several medical issues that you love so much and would do anything for....Again, I feel I am not the best person to speak in the theoretical when it comes to these things. In the perfect world, each mother would not have a problem conceiving when she is wanting to do so. But we do not live in a perfect world.
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